Letter to Principal Suggesting Improvement in Canteen Services

In some educational institutes, recommendations from students and staff are encouraged and welcomed. Therefore, sometimes the students write a letter to the principal of the school to give certain suggestions. These suggestions are generally very useful for the principal because they help the principal take such steps that improve the school. 

What is the recommendation letter to the principal?

This letter is a formal request letter in which the sender sends some recommendations to the principal of the school. These recommendations are generally sent by the person who wants to see the improved version of the school. Mostly, students write the letter especially when it comes to giving suggestions regarding the canteen of the school. 

Principal welcomes the suggestions because people who are working inside the system or seeing it closely can get a better understanding of it and they can easily figure out what is missing and how things can be changed for the better.

What are the important points that should be kept in mind?

 When you write to the head of the school, you should keep the following points in mind:

Don’t forget to give your introduction:

Remember that your recommendations are not going to be entertained if you forget to let the reader know who you are and what is your connection with the cafeteria of the school.

For example, if you are a student, the principal will understand that you visit the canteen and you have seen the canteen more closely than anyone else. Furthermore, if you are suggesting improvements in the canteen on behalf of the entire class, don’t forget to mention that since the opinion of a group carries more weight than the individual’s opinion. 

Enlist the suggestions:

Since the purpose of writing this letter is to communicate the recommendations, you should not waste the time of the reader and come straight to the main point instead. Start adding your recommendations one by one to the letter.

Discuss recommendations in detail by describing why you think your suggestion can work for the school and how the health of the students can be saved from getting compromised by acting upon the advice you are mentioning. 

Close the letter by mentioning your hope:

In the end, communicate your expectations from the principal. This way, you will be able to tell the reader that you expect the canteen to show improvements you have suggested so that people can enjoy the food sold there. 

Read the sample letter below to better understand writing this letter. 

Sample letter:


The Principal, 

Name of the institute, 


Respected sir, 

I am (mention your name), a student of Grade X, section B. My roll number is 2443. Through this letter, I want to draw your attention towards the canteen of the school on behalf of the entire class. Although the school’s cafeteria is good, there are certain improvements that we think must be brought to it.

Firstly, the food sold to the students is very oily and not good for the health of students of any age. I believe that the food should not be cooked in the abundance of oil since it does not have a good impact on the health of the students. 

Secondly, the prices of the food sold in the cafeteria are not on the standard scale. Students have to pay an extra amount to buy food. I would like to suggest you please conduct an inquiry and monitor the prices. 

Thirdly, sometimes, the quality of the food is too low and it is seen that standard procedures of hygiene are not followed. Therefore, the quality of the food should be taken into consideration. 

At last, it is my humble request to you to please ensure the availability of nutritional food in the cafeteria.  The food items present in the school shop should be able to improve the health of the students and staff members. The supply of food that is prepared with unhygienic procedures should be discontinued immediately. 

I hope that you will consider my recommendations. Thank you so much for your consideration. 


Name of the student.

Letter to Principal for Improvement in Canteen Services

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