Account Closing Letter to Bank

An account closing letter to the bank is a letter written by an account holder, in which he addresses the bank manager and requests for account closure. This letter is written to the bank manager of the specific branch an individual has an account in.

A person may want to close his account for various reasons, such as:

  • He wants to change and switch to another bank.
  • He is shifting out of the country.
  • He needs to cash all the money in the savings account, which cannot have a zero balance.
  • He does not like the bank’s customer service or other services, or he does not trust the bank enough.

Whatever the reason is, it is important to inform the bank and go through all the account closing procedures. If an individual does not close his account properly, he may lose his money or may experience complications while enacting with the bank in the future.

As this account closing letter is a formal request by an account holder, this is kept in his record file for the future references, hence smoothen any transactions, even in the future.

When an individual is writing this letter, he can simply write it from the scratch or if he is confused, he can use any template readily available online or in the programs, such as Microsoft Word.


These professionally developed templates are easy to use and customize as per the needs and requirements of the account holder as well as the bank. The format of the letter and the information included may vary but, generally, the following details are included in almost all the account closing letters:

  • Date.
  • Subject.
  • Details of the account holder.
  • Details of the bank and the manager.
  • A request for closing of the account.
  • The reason, if wants to be shared by the account holder.
  • Indicate if the request needs to be acted upon immediately and request for it.
  • Inform whether the remaining account balance needs to be received in cash or is to be transferred to another account.
  • Salutation and signature.

Although, the account closing procedures may involve more than one step, writing this letter is, usually, the first step, as through this, the account holder informs and requests the bank for the account closure, which can then be followed by the other steps.

Sample Account Closing Letter to Bank




Subject: Closure of Savings Account number XX-XXXXXXX

Dear Sir/Madam (Manager),

I am writing this letter to request you for closing my savings account in [X] bank, YYY branch with immediate effect.

My account details are:

Name: John Smith

Account number: XX-XXXXX

I am moving out of the country permanently, which is why I need to close my account and complete all the formalities before I leave. I would be highly grateful if you complete my request within a week and handover all the balance money in my account as cash. I will be highly obliged.

Thank you in advance. Let me know if you need any other information.


John Smith.

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