Working Hours Increase Letter to Staff

A working hour increase letter to the staff is a letter written either by the management or the HR department. This letter is addressed to the employees of the organization, in which the employer informs its staff about the extra number of working hours added in the existing working hours.

Employers may find themselves in a situation, where they need their staff members to work additional hours. Some of such situations are:

  • Increased work.
  • Decreased number of staff members and cost-cutting.
  • Government regulations.
  • Change of company ownership.
  • Change in company policies.

As hiring new employees might not be feasible, the management increases the number of working hours of their existing employees. The organizations expect their employees to understand their position, and to show their employees that they understand the situation as well, the employers attempt to compensate these extra hours through the increased wages, benefits, etc., so to limit the staff resistance. The policy of the increased working hours needs to be formally and properly communicated to the employees to avoid any misunderstandings or issues. One of the ways of notifying is writing a working hour increase letter to the staff. The general details included in such letters are:

  • Date.
  • Employer or HR information.
  • Staff/employees information.
  • Notification about the increase in the working hours, including the starting date, the number of increased hours, whether the hours will be added in the morning or in the evening, whether it is a temporary or a permanent change, etc.
  • The reason behind the increase.
  • Any compensation for the increased hours, if applicable.
  • Seek cooperation.
  • Salutations, signature and stamp.

This letter mentions the date from when the increased hours’ policy would be effective. Therefore, after this letter and that mentioned date, if the staff members would not work extra hours, they would have to face the consequences, the severity of which will depend on the management.

Sample Working Hours Increase Letter to Staff




Dear employees,

This letter is being sent to inform you about the increase in the number of working hours for all the employees in effect from 1st January 20XX.

We, as ABC Limited, have completed five years as a company. Now, we have an established clientage and a good network in the market, which is generating more and more work every day. The management has decided to extend the working hours by 2. To balance the situation, one hour will be added in the morning and one in the evening, which makes the new working hours from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. This will be a permanent change.

We understand your limitations, but we also expect your dedication to the company. To compensate for the increased hours, every employee’s current yearly salary will be increased by 7%. The bonuses, commissions, increments would be separate as per the decided contracts.

We hope you understand our position and work hard toward reaching our collective goals as a company. Thank you for your cooperation.


HR department.

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