Work Completion Report Letter Samples

Oftentimes, the contractor is required to inform his client about the completion of the work that his company was assigned. This information is usually provided in the form of a report letter, commonly known as a work completion report. In some cases, the construction company writes the report in the form of a letter upon the completion of the work.

Why write a work accomplishment report letter?

 There are several projects such as construction projects that often face delays and setbacks because of many reasons. Therefore, the progress of such projects is continuously monitored. Those who are involved in the completion of the project issue the completion of the work report whenever they complete a project.

After a project has been completed, there is a need to hand over the project to the relevant authorities. This can be done when anyone involved in the deal has confirmed the accomplishment. Some companies also write this reported letter at the end of a particular phase. When someone receives this letter, it is a clear indication that they can now check the project to see if desired outcomes have been received or not.

How a professional report letter of completion of a project should be put down?

Give the details of the project:

This letter targets the project that has been completed. Therefore, you must outline the details of the project. It is important to specify the nature of the project, the name of the company that completed the project, and much more. The deadline to be met should also be part of the project’s details.

Mention the contact details:

Commonly, work on a project starts after a contract is signed between two parties. The contract clearly outlines the expectations of both parties. It states the starting and ending date of the project and the company agreed to pay. All the terms and conditions of working on the project are also specified here.

Discuss the completion:

Report the completion of the aforementioned project and state that you have completed it before the deadline. Also, ask the client to clear all the dues since the work has been completed, and now it is the right time to close the project.

Close the letter:

At the end of the letter, ask the recipient to respond. Also, ask the recipient to inform you if there is something that is not up to the expectations of the client.

Things to remember:

  1. Writing a work completion report is a process in which you try to convey the right and needed information to key stakeholders of the projects you have worked on. When you have been paid for working and provided all the resources to complete the work, you must update people about the status of the work. Those who have assigned you the project expect you to finish it in a reasonable amount of time and let them know about it.
  2. There are several facts and figures you might need to provide while reporting the completion. Make sure you give accurate facts and figures in the letter because providing wrong details can put you in trouble
  3. Keep this reported letter to the point and brief so that the reader does not face any confusion

Sample letter -1


Subject: [X] work status report

Dear [mention the name of the recipient]

We are glad to announce that we have completed the construction project before the completion deadline that was [mention the date]. We have signed an agreement with [X] company on [mention the date] to complete this construction project.

It is hereby requested to clear our pending dues so that we can finalize the approved payment of [mention the amount] that was agreed upon by both parties to be paid after the construction project.

The project is ready to be reviewed. You can visit the site and have a look at the completed work. In addition to it, if you need any kind of changes, you can write back to us.

We have attached the completion certificate issued by our construction company. We are looking forward to a quick response from your side.


Signatures of the authorized person


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Sample -2


(Recipient Title)
(Recipient Company)
(Recipient Address)

Subject: Completion of Project [X]

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name),

We are pleased to state that we have completed the work that you have assigned to our team on (date). We have been able to complete this before the deadline of (tell deadline). We signed the contract for this work on (date).

We hope to clear any pending payments with you so that our agreement can be finalized. You can check out the work done and if there are any queries, please feel free to contact us on (number or email).

Looking forward to a fast response.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name

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