Self-Promotion Request Letter to Management or Boss

We all need promotion at some point in our job. Getting a promotion means growing in your career. However, only those people who grow in their career, who have the potential to prove that they deserve it.

Promotion means that you are appointed to a position higher than what you are currently working on. Every organization tries to appoint such people to higher posts who are more qualified and talented.  Therefore, they keep promoting experienced and qualified staff. A promotion is also a way to encourage employees to work more efficiently.

What is a self-promotion request letter?

Sometimes, we don’t need anyone’s recommendation to get promoted. Rather, we can write on our behalf to apply for promotion. It is a formal letter in which you request your promotion. This letter is a professional way to apply for promotion. In this letter, some facts are provided that support your request for promotion.

Why is it important to write a request letter for self-promotion?

Whenever you believe that you deserve a promotion, you must write to the supervisor and request him to consider promoting you. When you have met the criterion of getting appointed to a higher post, you can write this request letter and show that you are a passionate employee who wants to work in an even better position.

Who should be written?

Usually, an employee writes to his supervisor or manager of the company. However, some companies have a setup in which a committee decides the promotion of any employee. So, when someone needs to apply for it, they will have to write a letter to that committee or any individual who is responsible to handle the matters regarding the encouragement of the employee.

How to write a self-promotion request letter?

Request letters always demand to be drafted professionally so that desired outcomes can be achieved. For this purpose, one should be cautious regarding requesting their employee and formally asking for getting appointed at a better position. Follow the tips given below and reap fruitful results:

Use a standard format:

Every company has a standard format to follow when it comes to communicating with each other via email or letters. Request letters also have standard formats that must not be forgotten. So, try to follow the format. For instance, if the format necessitates using an appropriate salutation and subject, never overlook it. In addition to it, make sure that the details are added in the right place.

Consider the timing of writing the letter:

A promotion request letter should not surprise your employer. You should write this letter when the employer might be expecting it from you. If this is the case, it is more likely for your request to get accepted. Self-promotion letters are usually written when an employee has done something remarkable and now it is time for him to remind the company to promote him.

When you don’t consider the timing and delay writing this request letter, you end up writing it at an awkward time when you cannot be promoted. Many times, the employee has already appointed someone to the position you have been targeting before you write the request.

The letter should be meaningful:

 It is very important to keep this fact in mind that engagement with the manager or employer in the letter in the form of conversation should be meaningful. You should not ask for a promotion just because you want it. Rather, you should come up with logic and rationale that can convince the employer that you should be promoted.

In this letter, you are expected to state what you are expecting from your employer. So, just be clear about it.

State the milestone you have achieved:

Some promotions in the company are natural. Employees are promoted every year. If you are requesting it, it means you are doing something that is unusual. However, you can do it confidentially if you have achieved some milestones. Talk about your performance and achievements in the same company to which you are applying for promotion. Make sure that you have enough information to convince the reader to promote you or at least consider it.

Sample Letter

Re. Request for Self-Promotion

Dear Sir,

With reverence, this letter aims to request my promotion from [DESIGNATION] to [DESIGNATION] accounting on the basis of seniority, competence, and high experience in the [SPECIFY YOUR FIELD].

I am [NAME], the [PRESENT DESIGNATION] from the [DEPARTMENT]. I am working here since 20XX and thus it makes [X] years of my working in the [COMPANY]. I have always been honest and hardworking in my working capacity through all these years. I have always prioritized my work at first and kept every other thing secondary. During this period in the company, I gained much experience in the forte of [SPECIFY YOUR FIELD].

I worked on the project of [NAME PROJECT-I] and it was a big success for the company. In this project, I met professional teamwork and gained extensive experience in the conducive research methods in the [FIELD OF RESEARCH]. Moreover, I got the chance to work on [PROJECT-II] and in this project, we worked on[SPECIFY THE COVERED AREAS]. It would be a big injustice to not mention you as a kind and genuine guide who put huge efforts into me by making me learn and acquire multiple new skills.

Also, not forgetting my recent completion of [SPECIFY YOUR RECENT QUALIFICATION], it has much relevance with my request for the promotion. As I see myself as one of the best fits for the vacant position of the [SPEICIFY THE POSITION YOU WANT], I request you to consider all the above-mentioned points for the fulfillment of the vacant position. Please let me know about your response to my request, which I anticipate as a positive one, in my email [EMAIL].

I am also available for any process of evaluation you want to conduct for the promotion. I shall be highly grateful to you for considering me a candidature for the vacant post. Thanks.



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