Work Completion Email to Client

Work completion email to the client is an email which is usually written by a company or agency or its contracting agents to the client to inform them about the task completion with reference to the signed project. These kinds of emails are often sent to the clients to be kept in record and to inform them that the work has been accomplished within the given time frame.

Such kind of writing symbolizes the integrity and a clear commitment to the work. It not only facilitates the client but it also keeps the informer away from the mess and also gives a realization of completeness. This makes your company outlook very much vigilant and diligent in its working and professional hardcore. It gives out a sense of responsibility and a realization of the significance of the project. It also shows your care for the client and their time. While writing such emails, one needs to opt for the most professional and formal way of delivering the voice. In the email, you should jot all details of the project down staying focus on informing the accomplishment of the task without any time-lapse.

The following are the two samples of such emails that one can use if you encounter to interact with your client through email informing them about the readiness of the project.

Sample Email -1

7 May 20XX
George William
Manager XYZ Company
NYC Street, 67899

Dear Mr. William,

This email is with reference to the subject mentioned above about the project XYZ that was contracted between you and our ABC Company has been accomplished successfully. You are therefore requested to refer to the report of the said project attached to this email. I am glad to make you eager with the news that the mentioned project has come to its final pace before the deadline that was signed as 30th May 20XX. I assure you that the project will give you a positive professional wave in its evaluation.

It is the result of professional and eager teamwork and well-conceived management that it was made possible much before the due date. Your highness shall be very appreciated if you have a look at the complete project report attached and let me know about any serious concerns or reservations of you.

I would not end without thanking you on behalf of my company for your continuous assistance in this project. It was a wonderful experience to work with you.


Tom Edward
The Senior Manager
MDM Groups and CO.

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Sample Email -2

7 May 20XX
John Steward
Manager of ABC Company
NYC Street, 988

Re. Project Completion Apprise

Dear Mr. Steward,

I am highly delighted to send you this email bringing your kind attention to project no. 9U12. It was assumed to be completed at the end of this year but with the diligent efforts of my team members, it was made able to complete it before more than three months. Construction contracts, usually, are seen as a falling victim of time-lapse and delay in their completion as building infrastructures and making their quality sure consumes more time but it was the result of tireless efforts and assiduous professional attitude of our project manager and team members of the company. Working with you was a wonderful experience for the company and I am looking forward to a line of greater experiences with you ensuing.

I shall pay high regard and thanks to your company as a client as it was never possible to deliver the project in its full completion without well-perceived ideas of your team members and their excellent communication. A report regarding the project and its completion along with all of your concerns have been attached to the email.

Thanks for choosing us to serve you.


Harry Luis

The Senior Project Manager

Silver Alums and Services

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