Letter of Concern for Unprofessional Behavior

A letter for unprofessional behavior is a letter which is written by an employee to the senior management of the company in which he expresses his concerns for the unprofessional behavior of another employee or employees. While addressing such an issue, one has to write the details of the unprofessional behavior.

An unprofessional behavior encompasses all the issues related to tardiness, harassing other employees, or not meeting deadlines. Getting personal at the workplace and mixing private and professional life is also considered as non-professionalism. The letter is written to discourage such behavior and to administer the air of non-seriousness among other employees. While writing concern for such behavior, you have to fulfill the following requisites in your letter.

  • Jot down the unprofessional behavior you have discovered and locate it with the detailing of the time and date of the behavior you noticed.
  • Point out in the letter that why such a behavior is unprofessional and how it stands in the evil cause of the company
  • Narrate the company’s rules and regulations in reference to the employee’s unprofessional behavior
  • Mention the consequences of such behavior, if not controlled
  • Possible avenues and solutions can also be discussed
  • Discuss further infractions if any
  • The letter should be written in the serious cause of the company and its management. Keeping your tone less complaining and more informative should be a mandatory part of such writing.

Following is a sample letter of concern for the unprofessional behavior of a group of employees showing less interest in the given project.

Sample Letter

Mrs. Gorgia Sam
3983 White Street, NYC
New York, USA

20th April 20XX

The Managing Director
GHK Group of IT Consultants
Times Square 9-A80, NYC
New York, USA

Re. The Concern for Unprofessional Behavior of Some Team Members

Dear Sir,

It is to bring into your kind attention that I am an IT Developer in your company. Recently I was given a new project to work on along with two of my other colleagues Mr. Zaid and Ms. Kassie Raton. The project was given to us declaring me as the project head and it was also held that the project working will be done in teaming. As you know when it comes to IT projects, working as a team becomes inescapable and imperative. The project has to be finalized and is due until the end of this month.

I am signing up my complaint against the other two members of my project team members who seem to be less interested and highly unprofessional with the task given to them. According to the working policy of the company which states that everyone has to play its role while working in groups or teams. I feel delighted in teamwork and proactive and efficient while working likewise.

I request you to warn Mr. Zaid and Mrs. Raton for their non-seriousness and unprofessional behavior. I suggest a penalty for their unprofessional attitude. The sooner you will get notice of my concern, the sooner will the project accomplishes in the given time frame in professional integrity. I hope you will understand the urgency of the current time span. It would be kind of you if you investigate the matter and provide the solution at your earliest.

Thank you.



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