Weekly Sales Report Template

A sales report is a document that is used by the management of the company to know if the business is growing or declining. This type of document is used by almost every business to analyze how a good business is going.

It also enables the business to take some measures when it sees the growth of the business declining. The sales report that is used to keep a check on the weekly progress of the business is called the weekly sales report. The report gives a clear idea about the factors that are becoming the cause of the increase or decrease in the growth of the company.

Sales reports are important when one needs to know whether their company is fulfilling all of its sales goals. The business can then take steps accordingly so that it can function properly. A company will know about trends within sales numbers before they get so low that predictions cannot be met.

Weekly sales reports can help out as they allow a company to know about success and potential issues every week. In this way, action can be taken before it is too late. It is important to know how to make a weekly sales report carefully if you want it to fulfill its aims.

What is a weekly sales report?

The sales report will display weekly activity that the business or a certain employee pursued. For every day of the week, the details will need to be stated clearly. The report can be written like a basic memorandum or you can make it in the form of a standard and more formalized report.

What does a weekly sales report do?

The report helps employers recognize trends that occur in sales numbers so that it can be known whether quarterly and annual sales predictions are being met. The report will let the company and its employees know about any success that has occurred and any problems that have occurred every week. Better policymaking can occur in this way.

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Weekly Sales Report Template

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How to create a weekly sales report?

If you want the weekly sales report to be made professionally and formally, you can consider the following points:

Include heading:

The document should have a proper formal structure so that it is simple to read and can be filled in with ease. The sales report should include a heading like “Weekly Sales Report”.


Include the date that the report is concerned with. The starting and end dates can be present. You need to even state what department the report is dealing with and any other important details like whether it is handling a certain sales region.

Track sales:

The report can include a table that tracks sales for each day of the week. You can fill in different categories to do this. The categories can include important details like the amount of each product sold, the number of cold calls and follow-up calls made, total sales occurring by each salesperson, etc. The report can be filled in every week so that you can compare sales.

Explanation field:

There can be an explanation area present where you can state any numbers that look abnormal. This will let you know why the sales were not normal on a certain day. For instance, if Wednesday had no sales, you can note that it was not a working day. This can aid you in the following year at the time that you are comparing weekly sales.


It is important to describe any successes and failures that occurred in the week. You need to be brief here and precise. For instance, you can state why a certain salesperson’s numbers were not high as they were on vacation for some days of the week for instance.

Importance of a weekly sales report

A weekly sales report is important if a company wants to function effectively. The sales report will let the business know areas of success and failures so that the correct policies can be implemented. The areas of failures can be improved for instance. The company will even know which employees or salespeople are not meeting sales. In this way, the company will be able to carry out effective sales planning which will help it prosper.

You will be able to keep track of important sales features so that better policy-making can occur. You will be able to compare the sales report with your sales goals helping you see where areas of improvement are required.

Therefore, the report will be able to aid in guiding business success. This is because you will have sales data that has been organized in simple reports. You will be able to figure out those activities that can help make your business grow stronger and be a competitive one in the industry.