Weekly Sales Report Templates

What is sales report?

A sales report is a document that is used by the management of the company to know if the business is growing or declining. This type of document is used by almost every business to analyze how good business is going.

It also enables the business to take some measures when it sees the growth of the business declining. The sales report that is used to keep a check on the weekly progress of the business is called weekly sales report. The report gives a clear idea about the factors that are becoming the cause of increase or decrease in the growth of the company.

Main elements of weekly sales report:

The main details that are added to the sales report are:

  1. The date of preparing sales report
  2. The name of department for which the report is being prepared
  3. Sales region

The weekly sales report usually includes the details of the sale in the week, and it also compares the sales of the current week with the previous week to keep track of the sales progress of the company.

Preparing the sales report is not an easy task. The companies conduct several meetings with the customers to ensure that they are getting the quality products. After the sales report review, the businesses can take several measures that can be useful in boosting the sales of the business.


Skilled and professional individuals have prepared the sales report template available here. It includes all those details that are needed to make an effective sales report. It covers all the aspects of a professionally used sales report. The template is available in MS Excel format that has some pre-defined formulas that make it easy for the user to use this template.

The main purpose of using the weekly sales report is to attract more clients towards the products of the company. These reports are also a milestone for business when it should consider those factors that are helpful in achieving the targeted goals.

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Weekly Sales Report Template


Weekly Sales Report Template

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