Warning Letters for Misconduct

The misconduct of an employee is never acceptable by the company. The company issues warning letter to its employees to inform that their misconduct has been noticed and taken lightly by the company and he/she is required to change his behavior.

This letter also states that if the employee repeats the misconduct despite receiving the warning letter, the organization has a right to terminate the job of the employee from the services. The warning letter is beneficial for the company in case the employee files a case against the company for unfair termination.

How to write on employees’ misconduct?

The warning letter on misconduct should include all those details that are required to be included. The decision of warning the employee should be stated in the letter in clear words. The warning letter is a disciplinary letter in which you confirm your decision of warning the employee.

The employer should state the type of misconduct. It is important to include the summary of the misconduct. Moreover, the details of the misconduct should also be included in the letter. The employer should tell the employee that how his misconduct has affected the company.

The warning letter should also tell the employee what he should do in order to meet the required standards of the conduct. For example, if the employee arrives late for work. The time by which he should reach the workplace should be told.

Also, all the standards of the conduct should be described to the employee when he joins the company. You can repeat them so that employee can follow them. The employer should tell the employee that he is monitoring the performance of the employee.

The letter should also tell the possible consequences of not mending his performance. It is important for the employer to take the record of the warning letter and put it in the employee’s file. There is a specific duration of the warning. If the employee performs misconduct again in that duration, the company can take serious strict actions against him

Here are sample letters


Warning letter for misconductI am writing this letter to inform you regarding our work ethics and policies which state that misconduct is not an acceptable act at work. Respecting your seniors and managers is very important to maintain discipline at work. It will help you in your personal as well as professional growth. Taking matters into your own hands is never a solution to the problem. You must follow a proper channel to get your issues resolved. For future, make sure to speak to your line manager should you have issues with any of your colleagues rather than confronting them.

We will be looking forward to improvement in your behavior. Failure to follow the policies will result in suspension and even termination of your employment contract.


Warning letter for misconductThis is a warning letter for your unprofessional behavior at work. It has been reported that you have shown a very casual attitude towards your seniors instead of practicing obedience. The management has given you verbal warnings on several occasions, but you have continued with your carefree and casual behavior. You must take this official written warning seriously or else be prepared to face a serious disciplinary action.

Your behavior will be under surveillance from now onwards. Carelessness can cost you your job.


Warning letter for misconductA serious matter has been reported to the management regarding your behavior at work. Two of your team members have complained that you have been harassing them on and off. We also have proof in the form of emails that you wrote to Miss X and Miss Y as part of your harassment.

Let us remind you that the company has a zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior. However, due to your good work performance, we have decided to give you a warning instead of taking a serious disciplinary action right away.

You must take this warning with the utmost seriousness. One more complaint against you shall result in your termination.


Warning letter to employee for misconductThis is a warning letter for your unacceptable behavior at work. The management has received several complaints regarding your rude behavior with the junior staff. It has been reported that you often use foul language. This is a matter of serious concern. You must treat all employees in the office with their due respect. Therefore, it is advised that you must refrain from any kind of unacceptable behavior with your co-workers as well as the junior staff.