Warning for Gambling at Workplace

Several restrictions and limitations are to be followed in a workplace. These rules are the same for the senior management to junior most management. A cultured and respectful environment brings harmony and integration which lead to productivity and prosperity in the workplace.

There are various laws regarding gambling in the workplace. These things are strictly prohibited, and strict punishments are always seen in breaking the rules on these set of laws. Gambling is a perilous game and one can even lose all the assets of his/her entire life through it. When it comes at the end of the workplace, it can sometimes cause a real dilemma for the organization.

A warning letter is issued once gambling at the workplace is seen. This warning letter can be issued in many circumstances like:

  1. When an employee is witnessed on gambling during work hours.
  2. When some employees complain about being aggravated to play by the one who is fond of gambling.
  3. When an employee harasses other employees to play this game.
  4. When an employee is found risking valuable office chattels in gambling at the workplace with contemporaries.

All these conditions lead to the issuance of the warning letter. This warning letter is serious, formal and strict in tone. The name of the employee including his position is mentioned. Moreover, the number of previous warnings as well as the last chance is mentioned. Chance of eviction is clearly stated.

Sample warning is as follows:


Warning Letter for Gambling at WorkplaceThis letter is to inform you of your policy violation at the workplace. It has been reported by many that you have been found in gambling at the workplace which is completely prohibited act in the company. We always intend to provide a gambling-free work environment for our clients and our employees.

The management has received several complaints about your gambling habit at workplace specifically in the working hours which is a big no for us to tolerate. This warning letter serves you as the last one if you seriously want to keep your job. The workplace should be no fun for anyone and be neglecting a policy is a violation. You are advised to mend your way and abide by the rules.

If an employee is caught involved in betting during working hours or found using job-related assets for that, the employee will be put in danger for the suitable penalizing stroke possibly leading to the discharge from the service.


Warning Letter for Gambling at WorkplaceThis letter is written to inform you that you have been suspended for a period of one week from [DATE] to [DATE]. Your salary for 15 working days will be deducted as per the company policy. This decision is made in consequence of the misuse of the company’s technology resources. It has been reported that you have been found gambling during working hours and your supervisor has spoken to you about it.

During the suspension, you are strictly prohibited to enter in the premises of the company. Please handover the files to Mr. Kim and mark your attendance with the HR.

This letter also stands as a vivid proof that if any misconduct happens in future you will be considered least interested in your job and the company would take possible strict actions against you up to and including dismissal.