Warning Letter to Vendor for Poor Performance

Your business completely depends on the quality of products that are sent by the vendor. If the vendor does not provide good quality products, it can ruin the reputation of your own business.

Because the vendor is not working properly, you may be facing a lot of inconveniences. If you have ignored the poor performance of vendor many times but the problem continues, you can warn the vendor by writing the warning letter.

When you are paying the vendor for working with you, it is his responsibility to meet the standards of performance that you have set for the business. If the vendor has forgotten those standards, your warning letter also becomes the guide for the vendor to correct his performance.

Sometimes the vendor doesn’t know about the problem. The warning letter enables the vendor to identify the problems that you are facing in his performance.

The warning letter also puts a positive impression on the vendor as he comes to know that you don’t want to punish him rather you want him to improve and take some corrective actions to improve its performance.

Tips to write the letter

The letter should clearly state that you are writing a warning letter. The personnel policy and the contract related policies that have been signed by you and the vendor should be explained in the letter.

The warning letter should describe the problems that you are facing in the performance of the vendor. If there are some standards related to the quality of the product provided by the vendor, you should clearly explain that the vendor is violating those rules. You can also attach some documents with a letter that can support your problem with the wonder.

You can also outline the previous steps that you have taken to let the vendor know about the issues the organization is facing because of him.

You can also attach the copies of warning letters that you have issued him before. The impact of the poor performance of vendor on your business should also be described in the letter.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter to Vendor for Poor PerformanceThis letter is a warning letter for the poor performance shown by [DETAIL]. We had ordered 20 pipes and fittings materials from the supplier. The order did not reach us in time. But we ignored that as we had a strong bond with you. After receiving the stock, we noticed that the items were short in supply and faulty as well.

This has delayed our production and left us very disappointed. Please note that if this happens in future, we will be terminating our contract with you and require you to re-do the work for us.