Warning Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery

Generally, a business runs on the items supplied by the supplier. The supplier is required to supply the purchased item to the company within a specific time period. If the items don’t get delivered on time, they can be a cause of loss to a business.

Every business signs a business agreement with the supplier. In this agreement, several terms and conditions are specified. The supplier is required to abide by all the policies of the company.

The warning letter is written to the supplier when the careless behavior of supplier becomes unbearable. It is important for you to write a strong warning letter with a firm tone so that it can impact the supplier.

Guidelines for writing a warning letter to supplier:

Here are few guidelines that you can follow to write a professional looking warning letter.

  1. State the purpose of the letter clearly:

The warning letter should describe it in the very start that this letter should be treated as a warning letter. The policies related to warning may have been stated in the contract between you and the supplier. The supplier should refer to those policies.

  1. Describe your problem:

Your letter should clearly be able to explain that you are facing problem due to the carelessness of the supplier in delivering the products to you in time. It should be explained in the letter that supplier is expected to be on time when it comes to delivering the item

  1. Describe the consequences:

Once you have explained your concerns related to the supplier, you can state in the letter that if he does not improve himself, he will have to face serious consequences. Also, tell the reader that his late delivery may also lead to his dismissal from the job.

  1. Write appropriate policy clauses:

If you set some policies regarding the supplier and the supplier knows about them, mention them in the letter. The purpose of mentioning those policies is to remind the supplier. Moreover, if the supplier has already given you an explanation on it, give a reason that why found it to be inappropriate.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter to Supplier for Late DeliveryI hope everything is well in your world. I would like to notify you that we have been ordering materials from you since last five years. But from the last 2 months, we are facing the issue with late deliveries coming from you. This is a very alarming situation for us. The latest update is that we had to extend our contract deadline with our client and pay the fine for delay in our commitment. This is not a good sign for us as it is exposing us to a reputational risk.

I hope you will understand the situation we are in and there will be no delay from your side in the future.


Warning Letter to Supplier for Late DeliveryAfter receiving our consignment last month, we placed the next order right then. As you know, our trading terms have already been decided and mentioned in the contract. But it seems like you are not abiding by the rules. As mentioned in our order, we were looking forward to an urgent delivery. Late delivery is just not acceptable in our business. It is a very fast-paced project and delays can result in losses and penalties.

No apologies or notification of delays reached us. This is very unprofessional. We would request you to fulfill our delivery urgently.