Request Letter for Material Delivery Schedule

Businesses usually run on schedule. Successful businesses are always based on proper planning and scheduling. Most of the businesses plan everything ahead of the time and want the seller too to schedule everything that is related to their business.

Many customers request their business to provide them with a material delivery schedule. A material delivery schedule is needed by the buyer who wants the seller to tell him the future dates on which he will deliver the purchased goods to the buyer.

It is a common letter that is being written by those buyers who make regular purchases from the seller. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide the material delivery schedule to the buyer. However, if the seller forgets to provide that schedule, the buyer can write a request letter to ask him for providing one.

Why does the buyer need a material delivery schedule?

The buyer who makes regular purchases usually runs on a business which totally depends on the delivery of the material. He can face loss if the material is not delivered on time. Sometimes, the buyer purchases the material in bulk and he must pay a large amount upon delivery.

He has to arrange that amount so that he can pay the seller without any delay. For this, he can ask the seller to schedule the delivery of material purchased.

The buyer also needs sufficient amount of time so that he can try out the delivered items and can exchange them if needed before he is needed to use the purchased items practically.

The buyer can write the request letter to the seller in a formal tone. The letter should be straight and brief. There is no need to add unimportant details in the letter. You can simply ask the seller to provide you with the schedule along with a number of items he will send on each delivery.

The request letter is one of the most commonly used business letters these days that enable a person to communicate with his business partners. This letter can be very beneficial for a businessman if he knows how to draft it well.

Sample Letters


Request Letter for Material Delivery ScheduleWe are writing this letter as a response to the order that we have placed with you. As you know that the order quantity is quite huge and might take you time to organize, therefore we would like to request the schedule for the delivery. The project has been advancing with a lot of paces which was not expected.

It would be great if we get the delivery schedule. This way, we will be able to manage our production and our warehouse will be spot on to chase the expected delivery and make timely payments.


Request Letter for Material Delivery ScheduleWe would like to request you to send us the delivery schedule of all the material that we have recently ordered from you. Although, we would like to receive the stock as soon as possible but considering your limitations, keeping a track of deliveries from the schedule will be easy for us. We would only be running a production cycle with the receipt of the delivery.

Another reason for requesting this delivery schedule is to avoid any unnecessary cost due to late delivery and pending production runs. Making the payments for the stock received would also be very easy for us.