Warning Letter to Employee for Falsifying Timecard

All the companies, institutions, and organizations use different methods for utilizing a timecard. Traditionally, the employers have spreadsheets in a tabular format with employees assigned working hours for a particular job written that they sign on. They have check-in and check out during each working hour.

A lot of times it is witnessed that employees mess with a timesheet to falsify their timecard which is supposed to track their working hours based on which they get their salary. In fact, this is one of the most common crimes an employee commit.

Now, big companies with huge budgets play smart as they make use of the digital advancements to keep an eye on their workers. They don’t have the traditional way of keeping the record on a paper that can be easily manipulated. Rather, a lot of advanced businesses have apps and software that not only monitor the timeline of every worker but also notify the employer if the worker is late in signing into his/her log. This makes it a lot easier for employees to stay punctual as realize they will be held accountable for their actions.

It also makes the employer’s job easy because he knows he can have easily accessible surveillance to save the company and catch time thieves.

In case you catch your employee involved in fraudulent activities like time theft and messing up with the card, it is high time you confront him/her before your company suffers through a huge loss.

You can address this issue by writing a warning letter to him/her. Be straightforward and mention that the worker has been caught falsifying the timecard.

You may also write down the punishment for this, it is either termination or a warning with some deduction in salary, as per your policy. However, this should not stop you from allowing employee’s rights as per the employment contract.

Make sure you are clear in your words and intentions without getting offensive. Also, avoid any kind of loopholes in the letter that can lead to confusion.

Sample Letter

Dear Joe,

I am writing this letter to you with sheer disappointment and great regret that you have been caught messing up with your timecard.

As an employee, your foremost duty is to show honesty towards your working hours without doing any corruption. Instead, you have been finding ways to cheat involving time theft.

Since you are paid according to your working hours, cheating in this regard means that you don’t deserve the earned money.

Thankfully, we at Technology Community College have a smart system to track down the fraudulent activities in employees’ logs. It came as a huge shock for us to realize that you have taken advantage of some loopholes in the system to add credit hours that you did not work in.

As per the company policy, you are immediately fired, effective today. You still can use your paid holidays according to your contract.

Should you have any queries, contact Mr. Bush at the HR department. He will guide you with the whole procedure.


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