Warning Letter to Doctor for not Coming in Clean Shaven

The warning letter to a doctor for not coming in clean-shaven is a letter prepared by the hospital or clinic, in which the doctor is addressed and warned against not paying attention to his personal grooming, hygiene, and the overall look. These things are important for organizations like hospitals, as they have to reflect to their patients that cleanliness and hygiene are their priority. Although a doctor not being clean-shaven does not directly affect a patient, but it does affect the image of a hospital.

Doctors hold responsible positions and if they do not adhere to the company’s guidelines and policies, the other employees would follow the suit. In addition, a patient interacts with the doctor directly and hence, the doctor’s physical condition and look gives the impression of the hospital’s image to the patient. Further, a patient may not want to visit a doctor who does not present himself properly, as improper physical appearance might raise psychological concerns, valid or invalid, of his expertise in the mind of the patient.

Therefore, hospitals are particular about the image of the doctors as well as the hospital. If a doctor interferes with the impression a hospital wants to maintain, the hospital would take actions, the severity of which would depend on the extent of unprofessionalism on part of the doctor. Usually, the first step of the rectification is the issuance of the warning letters, through which a hospital can formally notify the doctor about the issue of concern.

The general details included in the warning letter to the doctor for not coming in clean-shaven are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the Doctor.
  • The incidence and issue.
  • Effects on the organization.
  • Future consequences, if not rectified.
  • Indicate that the hospital values the doctor.
  • Seek improvement.
  • Salutation and signature.

As doctors are respectable professionals, the tone of the letter should be professional and not condescending.

Sample Letter




Dear Dr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to warn you against not coming in clean-shaven to the hospital on 5th August 2019.

In our employee book and contract documents, the importance of our organization of personal grooming and hygiene is clearly stated. Every employee is instructed to adhere to the guidelines to present a good image to the patients.

We have received many complaints against you before as well regarding your improper clothing, disheveled hair, etc. However, the frequency of the complaints has risen which forced us to issue you a warning letter.

You need to pay heed to your personal grooming and overall look. Otherwise, we would be forced to take some serious action of ending your contract with us.

We value you as our employee, but we have to maintain an overall environment in our organization as well. We hope to see a change.

You can contact us at (contact) for any information.


Shaun Watson.

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