Warning Letter on Failure to Report on Time

Employees in every organization are expected to show compliance with the orders and notifications issued to them. However, sometimes they fail to do so. When this happens repeatedly, it shows that the employee is showing negligence towards his job responsibilities. To deal with negligent people, they are written a warning letter.

What is a warning on failure to report on time?

The warning letter criticizes the employee and alerts him about his behavior. When the employee does not submit the report that he was supposed to submit in a specific period, the company deems his act as misconduct and therefore, warns him of it.

What happens after the warning?

Just like any other official letter, the warning letter also has an impact on people. After having the warning received on not submitting the report, the employee starts taking his job seriously and dedicates his time and resources to making the report and submitting it.

The warning enables the employee to reflect upon his performance and he can realize that his negligence from work is causing inconvenience to the organization. If an employee has a genuine reason for not submitting the report on time, the warning letter will compel him to write the explanation letter. In simple words, the warning always improves the performance of the worker.

What should be the duration of the warning?

The situation in which the worker has failed to report calls for a warning issued to him with a deadline to submit the report. This deadline is a warning period in which the employee is required to work hard for submitting the report. Note that there is no hard and fast rule as to what the duration of the warning period should be. It completely depends on the preferences and needs of the organization based on which, the decision of choosing the period of warning is made.

Tips for writing the warning on late report submission:

The report that is submitted late is usually useless as it doesn’t turn out to be a useful piece of information for the company because of carries the information that is often not needed after the last date of submission. In some cases, the report is still useful after the deadline, but the employee fails to submit it, in that situation the warning calls for taking immediate actions to reap fruitful results. Must read the tips given below:

Keep it short:

Most of the warning letters are short. Therefore, keep your letter short and to the point. Simply ask the employee for quick submission and warn him of his slow work progress and then close the letter.

Stay professional:

Use professional tone and words to communicate the warning and consequences of not taking the warning seriously.

Proofread the letter well:

As an employer, your words have a strong impact. You must send the letter that has no error in it. Proofread the letter well before you send the warning to your employee.

Sample warning letter:

Date: ________________

Name of the recipient
Address of the recipient,

Name of the manager,
Company’s name:
Contact details

Subject: Warning on failure to report on time

Dear Mr. (mention the name of the employee),

You are being officially warned for not being able to submit the report which was due on 10th November 20XX. Because no report has been submitted from your side, several reasons for actions have been raised.

Note that the act of delaying the submission of the report is considered an offense and it may also result in terminating you from the job. You had been issued a complete notification with comprehensive guidelines as to how to create the report and submit it. Still, you failed to report the required information.

It shows that you are negligent towards your duties, and you also don’t have much hold on people working under you.

It is now, therefore, be notified that you are required to submit the report before 20th November 20XX. Remember that failing to show compliance with this notification may result in serious actions taken against you.  

Yours sincerely,

Signatures of the sender


Warning Letter on Failure to Report on Time

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