Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior as a Lawyer

A warning letter is an official document that is written to give warning to an employee for his misconduct or ill-behavior at the work. If an employee is not performing well, behaves unprofessionally, violated the company’s policy, or is accused of misconduct, then he is given a warning letter to improve his actions.

Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior

Sometimes there are employees who behave unprofessionally by putting aside the company’s guidelines. In order to maintain the company’s value or to avoid any loss of the company, such employees who act against the company’s policy are given warnings to improve their behavior and are advised to work and act according to the company’s guidelines during work. A warning letter is usually written by the resource person of the company to the employee who needs to be warned.

The warning letter for unprofessional behavior is mostly for those employees who do not behave reasonably with other employees while working at the office. Unprofessional behavior includes different conducts that are either morally wrong or are against the company’s designed code of conduct.

Following misconducts are included in unprofessional behavior;

  • Abuse other employees verbally or physically
  • Bullying other workers in the office
  • Threatening other workers physically or verbally
  • Using offensive language during work
  • Exhibiting carelessness in the work.

If an employee is accused of any of the above-mentioned misconducts, he is given an official warning letter. If he continuous to behave irresponsibly, the employee might be dismissed permanently.

What should be included in the warning letter?

Since a warning letter is a professional letter, use a professional letter format. Also, make sure that the tone of the language is professional too.

Following are the main things that should be mentioned and included in a warning letter;

  • Clearly mention the name of the employee and his job’s title.
  • Name of the company, name of the human resource manager, and supervisor’s name.
  • Details about the misconduct, violation, or ill-behavior.
  • If possible, also mention the date on which the event took place.
  • Workers or parties affected by the misconduct.
  • Company’s policies or behavioral guidelines that he did not follow.
  • A plan of corrective measures that should be taken by the employee.
  • Name and signature of the mentioned people and parties.

Sample Letter


[Recipient’s Name],

[Recipient’s Address]

Subject: Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

You have been working with our company as our company’s lawyer for the last four months. All of our company’s courtly matters are handled by you.

You have always been great at your work and everyone praises your effort. But we have been reported that you use abusive and offensive language with other employees and this attitude cannot be entertained by the company. We value all our employees and we also expect that employees will also respect the company’s values.

While agreeing to the company’s policies you agreed to always be respectful towards other employees. After this act, you not only violated the company’s guidelines but also violated the basic rule of working with courtesy.

It is an official warning to you to improve your behavior and become more respectful towards your colleagues. Otherwise, we will be forced to take strict action against you.

I hope it will not happen again.


[Your Name]


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