Absence Excuse Letter for Passport Work

In some countries, it is time consuming when one needs to get a new passport. Many important things should be done. For this, the individual needs to be physically present. There may even be some long queues in which one has to wait for their turn. If it is time to get a new passport you will need to be absent from work so that all the passport work can occur.

When one has a valid excuse for being absent from work such as getting passport work done, they will compose an excuse letter that will need to be submitted to their employer. This letter will inform them why they need to miss work.

If you do not want to get a bad impression with your boss that you are careless, then you will need to tell your boss that time off work is required. In fact, according to some company policies the staff is responsible to tell the employer beforehand when they need to be absent from work. This leads to less disturbance being caused to the running of the workplace due to your absence.

When you need to compose an excuse letter you should only include relevant information. The following tips can give you some ideas:

  1. Choose the correct application: Because this is a professional letter, you need to type it out. This can be done in Microsoft Word. You will be able to compose a formal letter here.
  2. Points to include: Some points need to be present in an excuse letter. This includes the reason why you need to be absent. You will state what passport work needs to be done that requires your presence. This may be for signatures, pictures, etc. Make it short. The dates that you plan to be absent must be given.
  3. Offer to make up for your absence: The passport work will be done during the day so you can offer to receive any work via email that you will do in the afternoon when you are free.

Find out how many days before you need to inform your employer when you need to be absent from work. Be precise when composing an excuse letter.

Sample Letter

Rehab Hogan
The Assistant Professor
45AK- Nitin Town Area
Zip Code 43729, Portland

17th April 20XX

Raj Nehan Singh
The Administrator
Doughman Sarte College and University
340-Delhi Heights, Portland

Re. Excuse for Being Absent from Office due to Passport Work

Dear Singh,

It is stated that I cannot attend the university as I have to appear before the manager of the passport office Portland. I had applied for a foreign scholarship recently for my post-doctorate, but the grant was denied because of some technical faults in proceedings. I went to the USA to attend a conference on Medical Sociology in Houston. At that time, I did not know the legal statutes related to government employees’ policy on foreign trips.

I went to attend the conference during summer vacation, that is why I did not feel the need to inform the institution and there was no intrusion for me neither at the airport custom services nor on my return to Portland. I stayed there for two months and resumed my work at the university on a regular basis.

Now I am called for an International Conference on Medical and Mental Sociology in Toronto, Canada. Recently, I came to know the legal proceedings and statutes about government employees’ policy on foreign trips. The conference can play a vital and crucial role in my career, that is why I feel it significant to visit the conference.

I applied for the changes in my passport according to government employees’ passports. The manager from passport office Portland sent me an email yesterday directing to call on Manager of the passport office by tomorrow at 10 a.m. My prompt meeting can result in an immediate solution to my problem in the passport, so I feel I should call on Mr. Nervine, the Manager, tomorrow.

I hope, you shall understand the problem and the crucial need for leave. I shall be thankful if you grant a one-day leave for 18th April 20XX.

I pay my regards and thanks in anticipation.



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