Letter Requesting Bill of Sale for Car

As a part of a valuable and well-developed organization, sometimes its employee needs to purchase a vehicle to fulfill the travel demands. While making claims for such a purchase, the organization demands the original bill of sale of that particular vehicle. At that time, this letter is used by the employee as a customer and it is sent as a request to the manager of showroom for issuance of the original bill of sale. In some cases where the bill of sale was issued but it was lost by employee owing to some reasons, a duplicate bill may be requested.

Whatever the situation may be, presenting the original bill of sale carries supreme importance because payment of purchase is made only after the production of the bill. Writing a letter to the showroom manager is a professional way of requesting a bill of sale and then your request will be entertained without any further delay.

Following points should be kept in mind while writing such letter:

  • There must be a clear description of the reason so that bill may be issued without any delay.
  • Always be polite while requesting a bill of sale. It will create your image as a well-mannered person.
  • It must be noted that such a letter must follow an appropriate format so as to be looked professional.
  • A request letter must be accompanied by a special thanks to the supplier. It will create an overall good impact on your letter.

Sample -1


Michelle Johnson
Classic Honda Showroom
City Tower Michigan

Subject: Letter requesting bill of sale for car

Dear Sir,

I am Anderson, working as an assistant manager in XYZ company. I usually travel far off places to introduce my company products. In order to fulfill the traveling demands, I purchased a car from your showroom on behalf of my company. To claim that amount which I spent in order to purchase the car, I need the original bill of sale which is usually issued to the customer at the time of purchase. The company is to pay for this purchase as the car has been purchased purely for its own sake. The company is not accepting the claim without that bill of sale.

Unfortunately, due to intensive traveling, I could not manage to collect the bill of sale from your showroom despite your strict instructions regarding this. I know you a kindhearted person and will help me get my spent money back which was used for this purchase. So, I request you to issue me an original bill of sale of that car which I purchased from your showroom. It will be a great virtue from your side.

Please issue the aforesaid bill as soon as possible. If you need further clarification in this regard, you may contact us at the email address provided below.


Assistant manager stars marketing company


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Sample -2

Dear Sir,

I would like to say thanks for providing me such a top-quality car with a special discount. I am writing this letter to request the bill of sale for this car. I forgot to collect the bill from your showroom at the time of purchasing that car. It came to my mind after some time when I had crossed the city.

You know I purchased this car to complete my company’s work and it will pay me for this purchase. When I submitted the claim to the accounts department for this purchase, they demanded the original bill of sale which I was not able to produce at that time. So, I hereby forward my request to issue me a bill of sale on your letter pad as soon as possible. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.


Alex Stewart.

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