Warning Letter for Unauthorized Use of Personal Property

Misuse of personal belongings at any level is never acceptable. The law enforcement agencies have clear sanctions derived for any misuse of land, property or assets. The owner or authorized people can make any kind of claim on finding any threat to their land, property or assets. Some deceivers disguise themselves as company or agency and misuse the property of innocent people. But, nowadays, technology has provided much ease to detect all the crimes immediately. Thus, strict actions can be easily taken on urgent basis.

Warning letter for unauthorized use of personal property is a document written by the manager for an employee who has stolen or make an unauthorized use of a property which belongs to someone else. The property can be a personal belonging or office equipment in possession of the employee.

When any kind of unauthorized access to the personal property is found, an immediate action should be taken. The first action should be a warning letter. This warning letter can be issued in many scenarios. They are as follows:

  1. When employees misuse or gain control over the office pieces of equipment without sanction.
  2. When some thieves commit robbery and gain control over one’s personal belongings with fake names.
  3. When tenants make illicit use of the apartments regardless of the clauses mentioned before signing the tenancy contract.
  4. When some property mafia gains unauthorized control over somebody’s property through harassment.

The above-mentioned situations should be dealt with technicality. The warning letter should be written by defining the law sanctions and clauses regarding unauthorized use of personal property. The names of both the sender and receiver must be mentioned. The detail addresses and signatures are also mandatory. The further action that will be taken on nil response must be mentioned.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter for Unauthorized Use of Personal PropertyIt has been brought into the attention of authorities that you have been using the company transport for your personal purpose by claiming it official pursuits. Let me tell you this is an irresponsible attitude and misconduct in the workplace. We never expected such a wrongdoing from you.

You must know that the transport is a company asset and to use it for personal work is not allowed and a serious violation of company policy. You must come to see me at 5 in the evening so that we can further discuss the gravity of the matter.

The pick and drop service was provided as compensation that you come from a distance. As a result of the violation of the agreement, the company takes the facility back from you dated [DATE].

This warning letter serves you to alert you to avoid any kind of misconduct in future. Otherwise, you may directly be subjected to termination without providing further chances in any form.


Warning Letter for Unauthorized Use of Personal PropertyIt is reported by your supervisor that you have been found using the printer for your personal use most of the times. This is a poor practice performed by any employee in the company. Everybody in the office knows that it is rigorously outlawed to use the company resources for the personal purpose.

It is not merely prohibited by the company laws but also is generally known as unprofessional and unethical conduct. You must come to see me personally and do explain to me about the matter.

This warning letter is issued to you to make you understand that considering such things of low importance can also result in embarrassment.

We are hopeful that you will keep away from such misdemeanors in the future and will be careful in an unauthorized use of someone else’s property. In another way, the company can take strict actions against you including fine, suspension or even termination.