Explanation Letter for Late Submission of Reports

Errors and accuracy are very common in the workplace. But, the matter of concern is that one should try to fix the errors and mistakes by defining the best possible measures promptly. This not only leaves a good impression, but it also saves one from future hurdles regarding the job.

The organization always provides rules and procedures for all major or minor issues that can possibly occur. Additionally, the numerous solutions to all problems are also provided.

Many times, employees get late for the submission of a report. In such a case one should write an explanation letter for late submission.

The explanation letter is a document that is written by an employee to explain the fact that why some report(s) have been delayed. The letter is written in response to an inquiry raised by the manager for a report that was not submitted in due time.

Following are the scenarios in which one can write a letter for late submission.

  1. When some personal matter arose, and the employee took off several times. The due date is ended and the report is not submitted. One is asked to write an explanation letter.
  2. When some important project report is to be submitted but the employee failed to find the necessary data to fulfill the requirements and report cannot be submitted on time. An explanation letter must be written.
  3. When some accident or major illness occurred, and the employee was unable to submit the report on time. The explanation letter could be written.

This explanation letter must constitute the reason clearly along with very polite and concerning tone. The details about the report and references of the due date must be added. The concerning names and signatures are also mandatory.

A sample explanation letter is attached here.

Sample Letter

I apologize for the late submission of reports which were to be submitted on [date]. I have been a hardworking and vigilant employee and it’s very rare that you have complaints associated with me. The reason behind this misfortune was a family urgency; my grandmother is very old, and she happened to fall from the stairs and broke many bones.

On hearing the bad news, I could not resist myself and rushed to see her instantly. She is still in ICU in a very bad condition. Someone had to stay in the hospital and I was given that responsibility. I know that the submission of reports on given time is mandatory and I am extremely sorry for that.

I assure you this practice won’t happen again as I will complete all my projects before the deadlines draw near. I have also enclosed the reports of my grandmother mentioning the gravity of her situation and the date she was taken to the hospital to strengthen my point.


Explanation Letter for Late Submission of Reports


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