Warning Letter for Misusing Office Equipment

When employees start using office equipment for personal purposes, a series of problems arise. The workplace should address the policies regarding the use of the company’s assets so that the loss of productivity, as well as damage to any equipment, can be avoided.

Misuse of office equipment has become a major problem which is unfortunately not considered a problem. If you are given the information that someone is destroying the assets of the company or stealing them, you should immediately stop this behavior by warning the employee.

A thorough investigation should be conducted before issuing a warning letter to any employee. If any of the employees are held responsible for misusing the equipment, the letter should be written for him/her.

Before writing the warning letter, you can ask the employee to have a private meeting with you in which you can give him/her a verbal warning.

The unintentional action of the employee can be ignored, however, if it is being done repeatedly, then serious actions are required to be taken. The first step is to give a written warning to the employee.

The warning letter should be started with a written statement stating that the employee is given a written warning letter. Mention the problem or the action of the employee that has forced you to write a formal warning letter.

The date on which the equipment was damaged or destroyed can be mentioned in the letter for convenience.

You can rewrite the company’s policy regarding the use of office equipment. This will be helpful for the employee in case he is not aware of the policies. Here is a sample warning letter that needs to be issued when necessary.

Sample Letters


It has recently come to our notice that there has been a significant increase in the printing of personal documents using the office printer. Let us remind you that personal use of office equipment is against the company’s policies. You must, therefore, exercise caution in the future.

You may use the printer with the permission of the HR for a limited personal use. However, excessive use in the future may result in disciplinary action.

We expect you to pay heed to this warning and avoid the personal use of any of the office resources in the future.


We are writing in response to a complaint made about you regarding the use of office internet. It has been observed that you use it for non-work related purposes during working hours. The company allows occasional personal use of the Internet, but it should not interfere with your work responsibilities.

Let us remind you that the office internet is provided for business purposes only. Therefore, you must use it responsibly. Non-work-related use leads to a wastage of office resources and may also compromise our digital security.

We expect you to follow the company policies regarding internet usage. Thank you for your cooperation.


It has been reported to us that there has been an excessive consumption of office stationery in your department without proper justification. This misuse of resources leads to unnecessary costs for the company. You are, therefore, requested to look into the matter and discourage the wastage of office resources in your department.

The office stationery must only be used for work-related purposes. Employees are not allowed to take any items home. Moreover, each department must try to fulfill its stationary needs according to the allotted monthly supply. Any misuse of the company’s resources will result in disciplinary action against the department head.

Please ensure that your department adheres to the company’s policies of using office resources.


We are writing to remind all employees that the office printer is not for personal use. Recently, many employees have been seen printing personal documents on an everyday basis. This is a waste of the office resources and may result in disciplinary action in the future.

All employees are, therefore requested to strictly follow the office policies regarding the use of the company’s resources. Office equipment must only be used for work-related purposes.


It has come to our knowledge that you have been using the company’s car for personal use. This is a serious matter that requires immediate attention and rectification.

The office vehicle is provided only for work-related trips. However, you have been using it to pick up your children from school and drop them at home. This is a serious misuse of both the car as well as the fuel paid by the company.

As a result of this breach of the company’s policy, immediate disciplinary action will be taken. The HR will contact you with further details regarding the matter. Please be notified that such instances in the future may also result in your termination.

We expect you to follow the company policies from now onwards and avoid misusing office equipment.


We value your work and the time that you are spending with us as an employee. Excessive use of office telephone for personal phone calls is not acceptable. Many important business phone calls get missed due to it.

I am, being the manager of the company, issuing a warning letter to you for misusing the office equipment. I hope that the matter will be resolved immediately.

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