Warning Letter for Visiting Adult Websites at Work

Providing complete and quick access to the internet in every company is very common. It is, in fact, impossible to imagine a work-life without the internet. Every company has its own rules and policies regarding the use of the internet. Some companies don’t allow their workers to use the internet while they are at work. Such companies can use several ways to stop employees from abusing the internet.

Many employees pursue their activities on the internet during break or lunchtime. They perform necessary tasks at that time such as contacting their family, replying to their personal emails, etc. A small percentage of workers also abuses the internet.

Some employers are concerned about the frequent visit of their employees to adult websites with romantic, sexual, or pornographic content.

For this, many companies block access to the internet while some block various websites with adult content. The companies may monitor the websites visited by the employees, blogs visited, the total number of keystrokes, etc.

Some companies also read the emails of their employees. In such a monitoring system, an employee can get caught visiting an adult website. The company can issue a warning letter to such employees.

The warning letter should be concise and complete. It should clearly state that visiting the adult websites at work is totally prohibited and the employee has seriously violated the rules and regulations of the company.

You can ask the employee for an explanation letter. The consequences of visiting the adult website and writing the warning letter should also be explained. Here is a sample letter for you to warn your employee in case he has visited the adult website at work.


You are being issued a warning letter for viewing inappropriate websites at work. We have been informed by our IT team that suspicious activity has been observed from your laptop’s IP address.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that you have been visiting adult websites during workhours using our internet service. Not only that, but we also have visual confirmation from CCTV cameras in the office place as well that you have been visiting adult websites.

You have not been very discreet about it either and have rather been blatantly viewing it while surrounded by people. Two of your fellow co-workers have also placed a complaint against you regarding this matter.

We wish to inform you that viewing adult websites at work is strictly prohibited and goes against the policies of our company.

Any kind of violent, threatening, or adult content will not be tolerated in our company and strict action will be taken against anyone who tries to access it. This is your first and last warning and if you try to access any such content again, your contract will be terminated immediately. Please visit the HR office to have a meeting with us to discuss this matter in detail.


Office Management.


This is to inform you that you are being issued a warning letter for visiting adult websites at work. A few of your co-workers spotted you viewing inappropriate content on the internet and have reported the incident to us.

Upon investigation, it was confirmed that indeed you have been viewing adult websites at work and have been doing it for about two months now. Not only is extremely unprofessional and inappropriate, but it has also affected your work performance as you have not been submitting projects on time and spend most of your work hours in your cabin with your laptop.

You have been wasting time surfing adult websites for hours which has been confirmed by your internet data. Your attitude towards your work is not satisfactory at all.  

This is a final warning for you to change your attitude and act like a professional and a responsible individual at work. You have the responsibility of the sales department which requires your utmost attention.

Please let us know if you wish to discontinue your job so we can find an alternative without wasting any time. In case you want to stay, you will have to show some major improvements at your end in terms of work output and behavior.

We have arranged a meeting for your tomorrow in the conference room to discuss this matter with you. Please report to the venue at sharp 9 am so this can be sorted out.

If you continue violating company policies in the future, we will place a heavy fine on you and terminate your contract with the possibility of you ever getting a job at this company again. We hope that you will make amends and change your behavior.


Office management. 

Sample Letter:

This letter is being written to warn you about visiting the adult website at work. Viewing and sharing any adult or pornographic content during office time is totally prohibited. You have been given many verbal warnings and at last, we have to give you a written warning.

Not following the company’s policies regarding adult websites in the future will result in the termination of the job.

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Warning letter for visiting adult websites at work

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Warning Letter for Visiting Adult Websites at Work
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