Warning Letter for Safety Violation

If an employee in your company who has been given the task to ensure the safety is not performing his duties well, he is violating the safety rules. All the employees working in an organization are expected to behave appropriately and follow the rules and regulations of the company.

Not taking care of safety rules can be very dangerous for the organization. The warning letter for the safety violation is written by the manager of the company when he finds someone violating the safety regulations of the company.

This letter is started with the details of those safety regulations which have been violated and then it proceeds to the description of all those actions that can be taken if the employee will not correct the problem.

The employee can be asked to correct his behavior which caused the safety violation so that he can save himself from disciplinary actions.

The tone of the letter should be firm but formal. You can ask the employee to take corrective measures straight. It should also be mentioned in the letter that this letter is a warning letter and it should be treated as a formal warning letter.


This warning letter serves as a proof that the company has written several warning letters to the employee before terminating his job. Here is a sample letter body to be written in case of safety violation.

Sample Letter:

It has been observed that you are continuously violating the safety regulations of the company. You may not know you are violating the safety violations or maybe your violation is unintentional. We are writing this letter to bring it to your notice that we have serious concerns about our safety regulations. Following the rules and regulations of the company regarding safety is very important. Moreover, the frequent violation of safety rules will result in disciplinary action.

Signatures of manager



I have read and understood the letter completely and I assure that I will not violate any rule regarding safety. Moreover, I will try to increase the safety of the company.

Employee’s signature



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Warning letter for safety violation


Letter Template

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