Warning Letter for Failure to Obey Order from an Authority

The rules and regulations of a country are framed in such a way that all citizens must follow them. Secondly, the government is obliged to set such a system that everyone is aware of his/her limitations. All the authorities enforce the laws in such a way that they are easy to be obeyed. Time-to-time reminder of laws and rules must be done by the government. Moreover, punishment must be given on failures to follow the orders. It creates a lesson for other individuals as to avoid committing crimes etc.

In an organization, employees must follow to obey the orders issued by higher authorities. The failure to obey the orders may lead to serious consequences.

Once an individual is observed failing to follow the orders from the concerned authority, a warning is issued. The warning letter on failure to obey orders can be floated in many cases. These are:

  1. When media channel fails to obey orders regarding some specific news that is not allowed to be shown.
  2. When some officials fail to obey orders regarding the use of mobile phones and USB flash drive in office premises.
  3. When some restaurants fail to obey the orders regarding the selling of unhygienic food or sharing secret recipes for personal gains.

There are many other cases where a failure to obey the order is observed. Such warning letters are concise and formal. They should be containing the necessary details only. The references to the observed failure to obey the order as well as consequences to bear are a vital part of this letter.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter for Failure to Obey Order from an AuthorityA direct order of attending the conference at [name of the place\company] was issued on you on the last Friday. To my shock when I heard that you made an unambiguous statement & refused to take the order instantly. On investigating the matter, I came to know that nothing bad happened before that incident. Your supervisor was simply providing you needed guidance in this matter when you said a swift no to this.

This matter is not considered an act of mere mutiny, but it is a disgrace to your higher authorities. We cannot endorse such kind of attitude anyway. You are immediately suspended for three days from [date] to [date] with the deduction of a one-week salary of this month.

You must submit a letter to explain why this all happened & also attach a copy of this warning letter to it. If such unruliness happens ever again; you will face worst circumstances leading up to prompt termination.


Warning Letter for Failure to Obey Order from an AuthorityIn the last meeting with the board of directors, you were assigned a project unanimously. It was their trust & faith in your capabilities which led them in your favor. But you showed a reluctance in the completion of this project which was never expected from you. You were given a week to work on that project & were asked to give a presentation on the very next day.

It’s been more than a week now & you never appeared before the board to elucidate them what you have done regarding the project. This is such a failure. Board of directors has called another meeting this evening at 5:00 pm & you have been called to the meeting as well.

Regardless of whatever is decided in the meeting, the company wants you to complete the assigned task within 48 hours & get it submitted within two working days otherwise you have already endangered your job.