Warning Letter for Felony

Guilt or crime of any kind is always taken seriously in the society. A society has strict laws against all kinds of crimes. Once, a guilt or crime is pronounced, a serious punishment is given to the guilty. A serious crime is known as a felony. When a felon is convicted of a felony, his all kind of property is seized. Moreover, a serious punishment is also declared on the felon in many cases.

A warning letter for the felony can be issued in many cases. Some of the cases are as follows:

  1. When an employee is found committing some serious crime like selling drugs at both personal and professional levels.
  2. When some supermarket or grocery store is found selling poisonous and expired food products.
  3. When some restaurant is found delivering or providing unhealthy, injurious, poisonous food to the customers.
  4. When some bank employees are found committing bankruptcy, money laundering, etc.
  5. When some employees or higher authorities are found selling intelligent and secret information to the spy companies for personal gain.

In all the above-mentioned cases, a warning letter for a felony is issued. This letter is very appropriate and serious. It has some mandatory and witnessed information regarding the crime that occurred. It might contain the details of the arrest warrant regarding the nature of the crime. Additionally, it also contains the details of hearings by the board of inquiry. This all depends on the nature of the criminal act.

The template letters are given here.

Sample Letters


This letter is an official warning to you to make you aware of the nature of the crimes you have been indulged in for a while. Yesterday, you were seen watching child pornography on your PC which is the biggest of crimes. You must know that all this comes with the charges of felony and has severe consequences.

It is a shame for us to know of your mentality for watching such devastating and offensive material. Although it has left a very negative impact on your personality we want to give you the last chance to mend your ways and make a pledge with yourself. If you are found involved in this malpractice, let me assure you that the company will inform the police itself and will make sure that you are punished in the possible worst way.

You should visit my office today at noon to finalize this matter.


Warning Letter for Felony

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It has been brought to my attention that you have been threatening your female colleague [INSERT NAME] for almost over a month. The threats are of a serious kind that cannot be ignored at all.

You tried to assault her sexually and when she told you that she would report it to the authorities, you started threatening her one way or the other to make her keep mum. This is a serious allegation that leaves no room for improvement.

Let me inform you that this act is counted as a felony in legal language which can directly take you to the boundaries of jail in no time.

This letter is issued to you as the utmost written warning which the company will be having as proof against you if needed in the future. You are commanded to leave your foul activities instantaneously and seek the forgiveness of the victim. If you don’t do so, the company will call its lawyer and ask him to make a charge sheet against you by the company and the victim.

You have 24 hours to submit the explanation letter and also attach a copy of this warning letter to it as well.

Warning Letter for Felony

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