Warning Letter for being Non-responsive

08 January 2020,
Edirne Hamilton
Brooklyn, FG56

Dear Edirne,

I am writing this letter as a reminder to you for your immature behavior and nonsense attitude towards your work for a long period of time. I had noticed your changing attitude and carelessness regarding work many times and warned you not to do this but you did not give an ear to what I said. Last week, the CEO of our company Ms. Julian Katherine visited the office and all employees were present there except you. Along with this you also had not completed the monthly task and project that were assigned to you and she noticed all these things.

Your performance in the office has also run down as compared to your past record where you were an efficient and cooperative worker but now you are running out from your duties and also lacking behind in many mega projects that were very beneficial for your future progress. But due to your negligence, not coming on time to the office, immature behavior and complaining attitude towards colleagues you wasted numerous opportunities for progress.

What has been said above is a serious matter now as CEO herself has noticed all these things; so, this letter is an official written notification to you on your carelessness. The matter had now reached a higher level so it was mandatory to send an official warning to you so you may avoid this attitude in the future. All we want from you now is to improve your tasks and make your performance better. If you are facing any kind of difficulties and problems in your personal life we are all here to facilitate you and can make a way for you to come out of this situation.

I hope you will take this note seriously and we want to see positive improvement in your work as it was before.


Donald Adam

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10 January 2020,
Eliot Alexie
Valley Stream, RT67

Dear Mr. Alexie,

I was brought into notice about an accident which took place in a factory with our new employee Mr. James Smith on 07-01-2020. He was doing work with the equipment when he came across the accident. His body parts were saved from injury but unfortunately, he got some severe burns on his face. You know that James is a new employee and is still working on probation. To investigate the matter, I appointed a fact-finding committee.

As per the recommendation of the aforesaid committee, you were supposed to impart him the professional training but you failed to do so. You were hired three years ago and you are knowing this fact very clearly that such an irresponsible attitude towards work is not tolerated in this company. This is not the first time we have received so many complaints against you before this incident. You had been warned many times but you did not take those warnings seriously which is clear from your attitude.

You are therefore being suspended from your duties for one week and you will report back on 20-01-2020. Moreover, I am going to place this letter in your personnel file and if you continue such behavior, it will lead to the termination of your duty contract with us. To err is the human. Keeping in view this proverb, I hope you will rectify your nonprofessional behavior.


Steve Mathew

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