Warning Letter for Absenteeism without Intimation

Companies have policies for their human resources that are explained to their employees either during orientations and training or are provided in the employee handbook. These policies are devised based on the rights of employees as well as benefits for the employees and the company. If these policies are violated, strict actions are taken by the management to make compliance effective. One of such unprofessional behaviors on the part of employees is being absent without even informing the supervisor or the manager.

Usually, companies do not act immediately if an employee is being absent without intimation. However, if the behavior is repetitive, a company needs to take corrective action for the overall betterment of the company.

The management tries to resolve the issue with a verbal warning but if the employees continue the habitual absenteeism without intimation, a formal written warning is issued which is even kept in the employee record book and is used for evaluation purposes as well.

In addition, if the behavior does not get corrected, the warning letter is often followed by a temporary layoff or a permanent termination.

The format of a warning letter for absenteeism without intimation may vary from company to company. However, generally, the following things are included:

  • Date of warning
  • Date of absence (if required)
  • Details of employee
  • Details of the employer
  • Details of the problem/issue
  • Reference to human resource policy (if required)
  • Warning
  • Future consequences if the issue does not get resolved after the written warning
  • Any encouraging or motivating statement

The warning letter is written in a formal and professional tone. It is written in a way that it emphasizes the seriousness of the issue yet it should not be condescending.

Sample letter for Warning for Absenteeism without Intimation




Dear Mr. Smith,

This letter is written as a formal warning to you for your habitual absenteeism without intimation.

Over a period of last six months, we have observed your continuous absence. On average, you have been absent for one day every week and that too without informing your supervisor. Our employee handbook clearly states the HR policy regarding absenteeism. Our company does not tolerate absenteeism without intimation as we are already offering more off-days than the other companies in the industry.

You have been working with us for more than five years and this issue never arose before which is why the company was giving you leverage. You have been given at least three serious verbal warnings but your unprofessional behavior did not change. Your supervisor and department suffered due to your absence as you did not inform them and hence no substitutes could be arranged.

You have forced us to issue this formal written warning. If you will not correct your behavior, you will be put on a four-day unpaid layoff followed by a termination, if things will not improve.

If you have a justifiable reason behind your absenteeism without intimation, you could have conveyed during the verbal warnings. However, we consider our employees our assets so if we can still help you in any way to correct your behavior, let us know on [contact].

This letter copy would be kept in your employee file as well.


Ms. Emily Watson

Warning Letter for Absenteeism without Intimation