Notification Letters for Holiday

Every organization has its own internal working calendar. All organizations give holidays such as:

  • Public holidays – holidays for Christmas, Easter, New Years, Independence Day
  • International holidays – Labor Day etc.
  • Special holidays – holidays in case of natural disasters, elections etc

Apart from following national holidays, the organizations may also give some holidays to their own staff such as an annual holiday, holiday to celebrate some organizational achievement or end of accounting year holiday. When an organization wants to give a holiday or wants to close for a day or more, it must notify two of its most important stakeholders. These stakeholders are its employees and its customers.

Employees are important because they must know in advance when they will have a holiday and do not have to go to work. This is general courtesy as many employees travel long distances to arrive at work every day.

Customers are important because might be planning to visit your outlet or branch or office. Good customer service includes informing customers about any changes from regular office hours. Thus, customers should be informed about when you will be closed.

Notification letter to staff for a holiday



Subject:               Notification for staff holiday

This is to inform you that the office will remain closed on Thursday [enter date] on account of [REASON]. The office shall reopen on Friday [enter date].



Notification letter to customers for office close



Subject:               Notification for office close

This is to inform you that our office shall remain closed on account of staff holiday on Tuesday [enter date] and Wednesday [enter date]. We hope to serve you as usual from Thursday [enter date].

We regret any inconvenience during the holidays.



Other Samples

Sample 1

Please note that the company will remain non-operative from 25th November to 30th November in accordance with the government decision of shutting down business for a few days due to heavy snowfall. 31st November will be a full working day for all the employees. Till then enjoy winter.

Sample 2

Please note that due to the religious festival of Christmas the company will remain closed from 25th December to 1st January. We wish you a very happy Christmas. Have a happy holiday.

Sample 3

Due to heavy construction going on our business activities have been affected badly. Still, we have managed to run our daily routine but now it is becoming more difficult. The construction work is believed to end in a five days period. The company has decided to remain non-operative from 4th June to 8th June. Business activities will be resumed on 9th June.

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