Letter to Parents for Fee Payment

Every parent likes their child to get a quality education. They send their children to school to learn better in a conducive environment. This is the reason, parents are willing to pay school fees, so their children can learn how to interact with others, have proper formal education and have access to facilities that might not be possible with homeschooling.

For example, it is infeasible to have a science lab at home, thus schools offer much more than homeschooling. The better the quality of services provided, the higher the school fees. This is standard. School fees must be paid monthly or quarterly, depending on a school’s preference.

Often there are cases when parents have not paid school fees for their children. This can happen due to several reasons such as:

  • They are unable to afford school fees
  • They are so busy that they forget to pay school fees
  • They didn’t receive the school fee invoice
  • They didn’t have money on time to pay school fee
  • There was an emergency due to which they couldn’t pay the school fee

Asking for school fee is tricky and must be worded properly. You are not asking for charity and you are not asking for a debt. In effect, it is the parents who pay the school. This is why parents have a lot of power in the affairs of the schools. Yet schools need the fees to run its affairs. Here is a sample letter you may follow when trying to ask a parent to pay the school fees.

Sample Letter



Dear [enter parents name],

This is a gentle reminder that your son’s school fees have not been paid for the past two months. We are pleased to have your child [enter student name] study at our school in grade 3. [Student name] is a brilliant child who shows determination to excel at both sports and studies. Unfortunately, due to his outstanding school fees, he may not be able to continue studying at this school in case of non-payment.

The total amount due is $[enter amount]. Please pay the school fees by [enter date] to avoid any negative consequences.


Letter to Parents for Fee Payment