Identity Verification Letter

An identity verification letter is a letter that is sent to a citizen asking him/her to verify that they are the real bearer of the given identity. Identity verification requires you to either complete a verification process online or send additional information. Most commonly, this letter is sent from the department of revenue when you file tax returns but the returns have been flagged due to incomplete information or any other issue.

However, Identity verification letter is an important document that is issued for safeguarding the rights of citizens. It helps prevent tax fraud and identity theft.

Often fraudulent people attempt to steal the identity of another person and try impersonating them for personal gains. They do this to benefit from employment, financial gains or tax refund etc. that is due to another person. The letter is issued by the employer, a bank or regulating authority such as the IRS.

It is important to know that the identity verification letters sent by IRS to investigate incomplete tax returns are always sent by post. They are never emailed to you. The IRS also does not call to verify your identity. Always beware of scam emails and phone calls asking you to verify your identity.

Other uses of identity verification letters are for employment purposes or bank loans. Often when you apply for a job, the future employer may ask for identity verification by asking you to get a verification letter from the previous employer or the public office.

Similarly, a college student applying for a job or claiming to be a student of a certain university may be asked to produce a letter of verification from the college stating he/she is indeed a student of that college/university.

Finally, if you are applying for a loan, you may be asked to produce an identity verification letter that it is really you who are applying for a loan and not someone on your behalf.

There is no fixed format for an identity verification letter, except that you may use formal language and keep it short. Never confuse an identity verification letter with a character verification letter.

All you need to specify in the letter is:

  • Your name and company
  • Your contact details
  • Verification of the concerned individual

Here is a sample letter for writing an identity verification letter:

Sample letter


Company Name


Subject:                Verification letter

To whom it may concern,

This is to verify that [enter name of applicant] bearing identification number [enter national identity number] has been working at [enter company name] for the past four years. He/she joined the company on [enter date] as a [enter initial position] and is currently working as [same or enter current position]. He/she is working on as a permanent/contractual employee with a current salary of $[enter amount].

Please consider this letter as verification for [enter name of person]’s identity. You may contact me for further details by phone at [enter number] or by email at [enter email].

This letter may only be used for identity verification and under no circumstances should be substituted as a character certificate.


Identity verification letter