Warning Employee for not Answering Official Emails

When an employee is accused of violating the policies or regulations of the company in one or another way, he receives a warning letter. Most commonly, the letter of criticism from the employer is an indication for the worker that his behavior is unethical and he should improve his behavior to survive.

Sometimes, the employer uses this letter to reiterate the policies of the company regarding the particular misconduct the employee has demonstrated. The manager must have informed the workers at the start of their journey as to how important it is for them to answer all the official emails. However, after some time, everyone forgets about it. Thus, the warning recalls such policies.

What is the warning issued to the worker who is not replying to official emails?

The manager writes a warning letter to the worker to criticize his behavior. This letter tells the worker that he should not ignore official emails. Whether he is at home or in the office, replying to the official email is mandatory.

Official emails are generally sent on purpose and most of the time, they contain a message for the employee. Some emails only require acknowledgment from the employee.

The reply to these emails shows that the employee has read the email with keen interest. Similarly, if an employee does not answer, it shows that the employee is not interested. In some cases, the employer feels disrespected when he does not receive a reply from a person and things go wrong and then the employee faces a warning.

No one wants to receive the warning because it becomes a permanent part of their file and the employee consults it while writing future recommendations and references.  

Dos and don’ts of writing the warning letter:


Use the letterhead:

Whenever you write a warning letter, use a letterhead so that the official warning letter can be written and communicated.

Must mention the reason:

You must tell the employee why he is being issued the warning and why you think he deserves to be warned.

Always follow the template:

Using the template is always recommended because it leaves no room for making mistakes. The template will also not let you forget any important component.


Don’t go personal:

No matter how much angry you are at the non-serious behavior of the employee, never go personal and criticize his personality just to feel good.

Don’t use a harsh tone:

Professional letters never use harsh tones because they are not written to express emotions but to convey a meaningful message. As an employer, you should be able to communicate your dissatisfaction with the employee in a calm tone.

Don’t send without reviewing:

Before you send this letter away, you must not forget to proofread. Proofreading will allow you to remove all the mistakes whether grammatical or in spelling.

The sample letter given below has been written by the manager to his worker who has not been replying to emails from authorities and showing no interest.


This letter serves as a written warning letter for you because of not responding to the emails you receive from the office. As per the policy of the company, every employee of the company is required to show compliance with the rules of the company. It has been stated in various meetings and you have been asked verbally many times to not ignore the official notice. However, it has been brought to my notice that you are still not paying heed to this message.

I expect you to not ignore emails from the company and respond to each and every email promptly. However, if you failed to do so, you will have to face serious consequences since not replying to emails shows how much you are interested in working with us.

In case you want to say anything regarding this matter, feel free to contact me.

Miss Sara.

Warning Employee for not Answering Official Emails

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