Veteran Day Messages and Wishes


Adcock Company wishes its employees Veteran Day. The most inducing and motivational way of solemnizing Veteran Day is to follow the footfalls of our national and civic heroes.


Cordial wishes to all of you on Veterans Day. Let us aim together to work hard to realize the dreams and to build a nation following the footsteps of its soldiers. We all can take the country towards skies heights with our eagerness and enthusiasm.


A very happy Veteran Day to the staff of ABC Company. Our national heroes encourage and motivate us to be perpetrated towards our objectives and never capitulate on our ambitions.


Let us pledge on Veterans Day to stick to the footsteps of our soldiers that have become the cause of increasing the country’s dignity and glory. A very happy Veterans Day to our employees!


They come across more provocations than us and have ancillary prerequisites than us. In spite of all this, they perform their duties well execute great performance. ABC Organization from the core of heart wishes its employees a very happy Veterans Day.


Every new day paves the way for new obstacles but they do not lose hope because they have a great love for their country and consider it above all. Heartiest felicitation to our staff on account of Veterans Day!


Veterans Day cannot be celebrated without taking sophistication and inventiveness from our servicemen that is inspiring, stalwart, staunched, and committed. Happy Veterans Day to our employees!


Veterans Day comes each year to remind us that we are much prestigious to have vigor veterans that protect our country from outer attacks. Let us spare some time to pay tribute to them on this Veterans Day.


Uninhibited wishes on this Veterans Day to my dear friends. On this day we must get hold of ingenuity from our veterans who keep us and our country safe.


Wishing you all a very happy Veterans Day. Veterans offer their lives for the safety of our country and therefore it is their obligatory right to have them in our prayers.


Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans that succor the country. We should pay our gratitude and salute them for working day and night.


Veterans are the ones who live and die only for the sake of the country. For this, we must always be thankful and grateful to them. Fervent wishes to you on Veterans Day.


Genial wishes on this Veterans Day to all the students out there. This day is evoked to us that we must always be thankful and indebted to our national heroes.


We are vouchsafed to be born in such a country that has enthusiastic and energetic veterans that always imbue us with affection for our beloved homeland. Happy Veterans Day!


Happy Veterans Day George! Always be thankful to veterans who sacrifice their lives for our safety.


If we are living peaceful and contented life then it is only because of the sacrifices of many veterans that serve the country. Happy Veterans Day!


Happy Veterans Day to you my dear husband. We must commemorate this day by remembering veterans and being thankful to them for their priceless efforts and sacrifices.


I wish a happy Veterans Day to my family members. We must learn positivity and how to serve the country in difficult times from our veterans.


If we are living in a peaceful and happy present then its credit solely goes to our veterans. Although you are kids today you are an asset and future of the country. Wishing all the children a happy Veterans Day.


On this special event of Veterans Day, we must congregate and hail our veterans that give their lives to save the country from outer attacks and enemies. Happy Veterans Day to all of you.


Happy Veterans Day father. I learned the spirit of patriotism from you. You are the hero of the whole nation and I feel proud to be your daughter.


You have always prioritized the country’s benefits over your personal benefits and I always feel proud of this. Happy Veterans Day to you my sweetheart.


You are a big motivation to me as you have always embedded in my strength, bravery, and courage. A happy Veterans Day to you.

Veteran day message