Loan Application Letter for Medical Treatment

Letter -1

Re. Applying a Loan of $[X] for Medical Treatment

Dear Sir, my name is [NAME] and I have been working in your organization as a [POSITION] since 20XX. During these years, my working record has been fine. I have been a punctual, determined, and industrious worker since the day I joined. In the recent performance evaluations and employment scrutiny, my working status has been shown in white band i.e., clear. In this letter, I am requesting a loan of $[X] for the treatment of my mother. My current financial status is in no position to afford the expense of her treatment.

Sir, my mother who has been a homemaker, has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD) after she was hit by a cardiac arrest. One part of her heart muscles are not getting enough blood supply which means to say that plaque has caused obstruction in the functioning of her heart. Doctors have investigated and found a myocardial infarction. Doctors have suggested a surgery in which they will remove the obstruction and plaque in the artery.

Her treatment will cost an amount of $[X]. To get her treatment done in the given span by the doctors, I cannot arrange money. Therefore, I request you to release a loan of $[X] for the treatment of my mother as soon as possible. I have attached her medical certificates by the cardiologist Mr. [NAME] whom we are consulting for her treatment.

In case of any query, I am available to respond. Please respond to me at your earliest convenience. I am thanking you in anticipation.


Loan application letter for medical treatment

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Letter -2

Re. Loan Application for my Kidney Transplant

Dear sir,

This letter has been written to request a loan of $[X] for my kidney transplant. I am not able to pay for the transplant whereas doctors have prescribed immediate surgery for the kidney transplant. As the kidney transplant is one of the major surgeries, it will require more than $[X] whereas the medication and other hospital bills will cost $[X].

To get my treatment done in time, I need a prompt loan of $[X] to be issued in my name. I would pay back the loan through an installment plan. I have referred to the Department of Human Resources to provide me with the categories of installments plans.

I work in the cadre [X] which determines that my salary enables me to pay back the loan. For the clarity of my financial record, I have attached my credit report from the Bank [NAME]. Moreover, my career in the company does not show any stain in my employment history.

In the urgent need of the hour, I would like to get the loan as soon as possible. I have also attached my medical certificates and prescriptions by the doctor as evidence. I have attached the contact details of Mr. [NAME], the nephrologist at [HOSPITAL NAME], who can be contacted for any kind of medical query or confirmation. I have put him as a reference here.

I shall be exceedingly thankful to you for this favor. Please respond to me at your earliest. As I am on leave from the office, I will not be able to meet you in person, please write to me at [EMAIL] in case of any query. Thanking you in anticipation.

Loan application letter for medical treatment

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