Secret Santa Messages to Team


Hello George, here is a secret Santa message for you along with a surprise gift but I will not reveal my name otherwise the surprise will lose its charm. Sending a bundle of prayers and wishes on your way on this occasion.  I wish you soon combat your indisposition and get fit again and do away with medicine that infuriates you. May you be bestowed with good health and you come back to your life. Merry Christmas and get well soon.


Christmas is around the corner and brings with it a lot of charm, fun, and excitement. I hope you all are fully prepared to enjoy the occasion. Without revealing my name, I am sending you a Christmas card and gift as it is my way of indicating the jubilation of the occasion. You will definitely be impressed by the gift sent to you as your secret Santa knows all your likes and dislikes. Santa is drawing up gifts and surprises covertly. Stay blessed.


I can understand the level of your excitement after having the gift in your hands. It was sent merely to double your happiness on account of Christmas.  You will be wondering who I am, but I am not exposing my name as you have to guess it by yourself.  Instead of knowing my name just say thanks to me. This gift is a little token of love to you and a way of expressing how much you mean to me. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a lot. Merry Christmas!


I really appreciate the hard work of my team no matter which scale they are on. In sustaining firmness, balance, and solidity in the organization you all have put your efforts equally. You have executed great support in managing affairs of all regions. Without the support of hardworking employees’ business development and sales, profit was not possible. So, in reward, you all deserve something great. So here are the gifts on your way for Christmas and these gifts are ideograms of love. I really owe you for your strives. Merry Christmas my comrades!


The eminent and distinguished gift that one wishes to is love and it is something that wholly changes life’s meaning and purpose. Everyone can comprehend the universal language of love. As Christmas is coming so I have decided to send surprise gifts and cards on your way as a token of love and care. These are also meant to show my rapport with you. But interesting thing is that I will not disclose my name and has kept all process secret so just smile and pray for me when you have the gifts. Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas!


I love good surprises and wish to give them to others too. When it comes to my team then I make them by sending lovely gifts. I know well that my teammates deserve an enchanting Christmas surprise. So, all of you are invited to Manchester Boulevard’s main hall, street,8 for a Christmas dinner. I am not disclosing my identity as it is a surprise for you. Along with this, I am sending some gifts too prior to Christmas and I am hopeful that you all will be happy after receiving your gifts. Stay happy and safe and Santa is all prepared too. Merry Christmas! 


Christmas holidays are coming, and I am pretty sure that you are all ready to enjoy it with full eagerness and fondness. This year ABC Enterprises has decided to do something different and for this purpose, we have set up a secret game. In the game, you all will participate and will be secret Santa for your coworkers. To make the game more enjoyable bring some amazing gifts and make others happy. One thing that you must follow is to circumvent spendthrift in buying Christmas surprises for your colleagues.


I am truly blessed to be vouchsafed with amazing teammates. In my eyes, you all are equal without any differentiation. For the organization’s stability, you all have collectively put your efforts. With your hard work, the company has earned so much esteem and stupendous success. You will have curiosity now of knowing my name, but I will not tell who I am. This message has been written by your secret Santa and to enhance your happiness I am sending some gifts to you. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Secret Santa message to team