Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Consumption Log

Automobiles run on energy derived from the combustion of fuel. Fuels are of different types and different automobiles have different requirements for fuel based on their functioning. Fuel provides enough energy to travel a designated distance and then it needs to be replenished.

Vehicle mileage refers to the kilometers traveled by an automobile at the expense of one liter of fuel. It is used to track the efficacy of the fuel in accordance with the functioning of the automobile. Furthermore, fuel consumption refers to the usage of fuel because of its use for running any automobile. These terms are coined by vehicle owners to keep a track of fuel consumption and how automobiles react to different fuels.

What is a vehicle mileage & fuel consumption log?

Vehicle mileage and fuel consumption worksheets are known as a document that records the number of kilometers traveled by an automobile due to the consumption of specific liters of fuel. These worksheets give an idea of how much fuel is required for traveling a specific distance. These worksheets make it easier for rental car owners to track the usage of their cars.

Worksheet Categories

Categories of worksheets are usually designed by vehicle owners and are usually based on the requirements that are needed by the owners. The following information usually constitutes the contents of the vehicle mileage worksheet,

  • Vehicle information: the model of the car, the manufacturing company, horsepower, registration number, and machinery used, are mentioned to present detailed information about the vehicle.
  • Distance traveled: the following category provides information about the distance traveled by the vehicle in kilometers.
  • Fuel: type of fuel, cost, liters of fuel before starting the journey, liters of fuel after the journey ended, and total consumption of fuel in liters is mentioned.
  • Remarks: comments about vehicle progress and the efficacy of fuel are added to the remarks section so that, if necessary, additional changes can be made.

Worksheets help organize data

Worksheets help in organizing a huge amount of data and make it easier to track a single entry. Therefore, worksheets and log books are preferred by every genre of life which has made them significant.

The following points further reflect the importance of vehicle mileage and fuel consumption worksheet,

  • It helps in keeping a record of every entry each day thus, making it hassle-free.
  • In the case of budgeting, the cost of 1 liter of fuel can be recorded each day to come up with the total expense of money for fuel at the end of each month.
  • The efficiency of the vehicle can be measured in response to the fuel. Lack of efficacy can lead to changing the fuel type.
  • Total fuel consumption for a designated number of kilometers can be calculated easily.
  • In case of poor vehicle mileage, it is important to take expert advice to rule out any issues or discrepancies with the vehicle.
  • Worksheets help in recording a large number of data on a small appearance which can be carried anywhere.

Sample worksheet

Worksheets are usually simple and composed of 2 or more columns where each column represents a category.

A sample model for daily vehicle mileage and fuel consumption is given below,

Date: ……….

Reg. No.Fuel before journeyFuel after journeyKilometers traveledRemarks
Model worksheet

Preview and detail of the template

Vehicle Mileage & Fuel Consumption Worksheet

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