Transfer Request Letter due to COVID-19

For employees who want to get the approval of the request for the job transfer, it is a very challenging task to write a request. They fear writing the request because they feel that they might end up getting their request rejected. There are many reasons for workers to ask for switching their job from one location to another within the company.

What is the transfer request letter due to corona?

If an employee has contracted corona and now he is not feeling well and wants to stay with his family living in another city or state, he can request for a transfer within the organization.

What are some common steps to take while writing the appeal for transfer?

People who don’t know how to write a request that has the power to convince the managerial director are often found worried about it. For such people, step by step instructions have been given:

Add a subject:

A letter was written to a boss never misses out on the subject. The subject is a brief description of the entire letter that tells the reader what he can expect to read in the letter. The subject is usually brief, short, and to the point. It should not be written like a complete sentence.

Address the reader appropriately:

As you start this letter, you need to ensure that you have used appropriate words to address your manager. The salutation of Mr/Mrs/Miss/Sir can be used along with the second name of the recipient to address him appropriately. Also, make sure you don’t misspell the name of your employer.

Give your introduction:

As soon as the letter begins, the employee should introduce himself. The introduction must include the name, designation, and some other details that are helpful in the identification of the employee.

State your purpose:

After the introduction, the reader should be told as to why he is being appealed. The appeal should be clear. There is no need to hesitate while making this request just because you are afraid of getting your appeal rejected.

State the purpose of making the request:

The reader, after reading the request wants to know why you have asked for a transfer. He tries to know if you are having any trouble working in the current branch. If yes, how things can be resolved. If you explain in the letter that the reason is corona pandemic, the reader can realize that the reason is genuine and he can consider the request.

Conclude the letter:

After having the request put forward, the last step is to conclude your request. This should be done like professionals. There should be a separate paragraph allocated to the conclusion section. In addition to it, thank the reader for considering your request. Communicate your expectations from the reader and also provide your contact details so that the employee can contact you in case he needs to learn more about you.

Sample letter due to Covid

I am Ifrah Gull working as an [X] in the [X] department of the company. I have been working in this position for more than seven years. My designation code is [X].

I would like to inform you regretfully that I have been tested positive with COVID-19. As you know, this virus spreads so quickly, and therefore, I would like to keep myself at a distance. In addition to it, during this testing time, my family should be with me to take care of me. I am requesting for transfer because I want to shift to my home where I can get extra care after I have recovered from it.

I have come to know that there is a position of sales manager vacant in the branch of the company located in (mention the location). This would be so helpful for me if you understand the circumstances and ease me with completing my request.

I am looking forward to a kind reply from your side.

Transfer Request Letter due to COVID-19

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