Thanksgiving Letter to Mother Mary

Thanksgiving Day is a special day celebrated across the world. This day is known for spreading love and making bonds stronger between people. On this special day, people say thanks to their loved ones and those people who are close to them for being so nice to them and spreading the love around.

Appreciation is not specific for a single day. However, people forget to show gratitude. Therefore, a day is allocated for this act. There are many ways in which gratitude can be shown. If people you want to say thanks live far away, you can write them a letter or email.

On Thanksgiving Day, people don’t say thanks to other people only. They visit the church and show gratitude to Mother Mary also. However, there are certain situations in which people cannot go to church. This year, people are not visiting church due to Covid-19, but they want to show thankfulness to Mother Mary.

Parents usually teach their children to say thanks to Mother Mary to make their bonds strong with God. They ask their kids to write letters so that they can learn to say thanks to everyone They are in need to write a thanksgiving letter to Mother Mary.

How to write a letter to Mother Mary for showing gratitude?

If you need to write a letter to Mother Mary on Thanksgiving Day and you don’t know what to write, we have some tips to make you get started:

  1. Start the letter by writing your name first. Anonymous letters are never entertained usually. However, you can send an anonymous letter to Mother Mary. if you don’t have any issue revealing your identity, write this letter as though you are writing a formal and conventional letter to someone by writing your name and the date.
  2. While writing the body of the letter, start it with a thankful statement. Show that you are thankful to Mother Mary for all those prayers that have come true because of Mother Mary. Also, say thanks to Mother Mary for all the blessings you have got in your life. The thankful statement should be emotional and should be written in such a way that it conveys your feelings.
  3. After saying thanks to Mother Mary for everything, make a prayer. Pray for your well-being, your health, wealth, loved ones, and everything that you want to receive from Mother Mary in the form of blessings.
  4. If you have some special prayers to make, mention them in the letter. You can mention the names of those people you want to pray for.
  5. Some people also apologize to Mother Mary for being so ungrateful all along the year. After apologizing, they feel relieved as they believe that Mother Mary will forgive them.
  6. At the end of the letter, show gratitude again to give a positive and happy ending to the letter.

Making prayers is all about faith. If you have faith in something and someone, you make prayers with the belief that your prayers will come true and your life will be filled with love and happiness. Hope is everything for us. If there is no hope, there is no life. As long as hope is present in our life, we keep praying and asking for everything good that we want in our life.

Thanksgiving Day is only for positivity and love. When you celebrate this day, you show that you are positive enough to say see the good nature and good nature of others. You also prove that you are wise enough to be thankful for everything that you have been blessed so far.

People who write this letter to Mother Mary usually live with a strong faith that Mother Mary listens to their all prayers and sends blessings in their lives through her son Jesus. With this faith, they write the letter with extreme passion and love. They believe that being thankful will make them more blessed. They find it as a way by which they can please Mother Mary. Since it is Thanksgiving Day, you should stay positive. There is no say negative things or curse anyone while talking to Mother Mary via letter.

Letter Sample

Dear Mother Mary,

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful to you for helping my dad recovering cancer. I know that it would not have been possible ever without your intercession. I prayers a lot to you and due to your acceptance, my prayers came true. Please accept my message of gratefulness that I am sending to you with lots of emotions and love. I am praying for more health and prosperity for my father because without him and your blessings, I am nothing.

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