Thank You Message Mama Mary for Interceding

When we are going through a tough time and we don’t find any way to escape and no one is there to help us, we make prayers. We keep faith in God and pray to Him for blessing us and making us escape from the dark days of our life. Doing so, we feel relieved. We often see our life coming back to light from darkness and we feel that Mother Mary has interceded. When this happens, saying thank you to Mother Mary becomes unavoidable.

What is a thank you message for interceding?

We often see intercessions of Mother Mary in our life and feel so much thankful. When this happens, we write a thank you letter to Mother Mary and show that we are so much blessed.

People write to thank you messages to Mother Mary for interceding when they see Mother Mary has listened to their prayers and have accepted them. They write this letter and send it to the church and believe that Mother Mary will accept the gratitude that has been sent to her via letter.

People also celebrate a special day on which they show gratitude to Mother Mary for intercessions. This day is known as Thanksgiving Day. On this day, people attend special prayers that are conducted in the church and say thanks to Mother Mary.

These days, due to pandemics, people are not visiting churches for maintaining social distance.  Therefore, they are suggested to write messages via email, WhatsApp, text messages, and letters. No matter through which medium the gratitude for intercession is being sent, the message that is written should be appropriate.

Thank you messages for interceding are also shared by people on social media. Everyone reads their message and get inspiration. In this way, positivity spreads from one person to another. This is the reason, thank you messages on Thanksgiving Day are given so much importance.

Sample thank you messages:

We know that on Thanksgiving Day, it is extremely important to write thank you messages. If you want to contribute to writing thank you messages and you are at a loss for words, we have sample messages for you that you can use. All you need to do is copy them and then paste them on whichever platform you want to share. If you want to edit them, you can easily do that since these messages are provided in simple text form.

Sample messages are also useful for those people who want to draft their message but need an idea or inspiration to take a start from. These messages are the inspiration for everyone who has been so ungrateful for so long. Below are some sample messages to take inspiration from:

Sample message

My beloved Mama Mary:

It is the graduation day of my son tomorrow. It is a great day of happiness for me and my family. My son has made me so much proud and this is because of your intercessions. The past 10 years of my life had been so tough for me and my family, but we kept believing in you and we had a strong faith in you. You helped us in every step of our life with your intercessions.

I have no words to say thanks to you on this special Thanksgiving Day. You have made my life heaven by sending blessings to my life through your son Jesus. I hope that you will accept my gratitude I am sending to you. I believe in you has become stronger with time. I am praying for more happiness and strength for my family and my child’s future.

A lot so love,


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