Thanksgiving Day Messages and Wishes


Thanksgiving Day is always embodied with excitement, something to be indebted for and pleasure. On account of this day, our ABC Organization shall remain close for five days from 13t November to 15th November. There will be no dealing regarding official work these days. As it is a beanfeast of supreme enchantment and is commemorated with family and friends, so everyone wants to spend their precious time with loved ones.

The company for the same reason has agreed to declare holidays so you may have some relief time. The aim behind announcing holidays a little earlier is to provide you an opportunity to set your holidays plan accordingly.


The cherishing and propitious Thanksgiving days are coming, and A&M Enterprises has girded up its lions to solemnize this day in a wonderful way. The company’s officials have gone through detailed meetings on this matter and have agreed upon the decision that amidst the peak in Covid-19 cases there will not be an in-company party.

At the same, we will arrange a walk-through party where all company’s employees will be given gift hampers based on their devotion and enthusiasm to the company as we care for the virtue of this event. The timings for the party will be between 6 pm-10 pm and it will take place in the company’s backyard garden. Kindly arrive at the mentioned time to ensure your presence.


As we all know that Thanksgiving is an occasion not to celebrate with family and friends but with those individuals too that keep any kind of value in our lives. Christopher Enterprises has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with all its workers that have devoted a noteworthy chunk of their endeavors to the organization. Without the devotion of our dedicated employees, we could never make it. Kindly accept the Thanksgiving party’s invitation and give us an opportunity to pay our homage to you. The party will be held on the organization’s ground floor, Hall 7 at 9 pm.


Hello Elizabeth, I want to let you know through this message how much I adore your friendship. I really feel contented and blessed that I have been bestowed with someone whom I can trust and share my all joys and sorrows. This thing relaxes my mind that I have a person besides me who will stand by me through thick and thin.

I have organized a Thanksgiving party for all my closed-hearted friends to more trust, colors, and joys to our friendship. You have also been cordially invited and I am hopeful that you will come to join me.


Thanksgiving is an opportunity to be appreciative and beholden to those people who have imparted a lot in our lives to make it joyful and brighter by all means. This is an event to appraise and say thanks to those who bring colors to our lives and mean a lot to us. My dear Matilda, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. For this purpose, I have organized a Thanksgiving party to concede your truthfulness. The party will be held at 7 pm and I hope that you will accompany me to make the event joyful.


The current rise in Covid-19 cases has immersed our all hopes and cheerfulness. Thanksgiving Day is an occasion to prompt us to share with our dear ones and not to despair. To keep alive the spirit we have collocated a Thanksgiving party near Manchester Park on street, 7. For the safety of our guests, all precautions related to Covid-19 will be followed. There will be the same activities with the same old essence so kindly make sure your presence.

Moreover, you all are requested to use sanitizer and wear a face mask throughout the event to fend off any disruption. We all can make Thanksgiving Day memorable this year too and I am looking forward to asking of your presence.

Thanksgiving Day message and wishes