Show-Cause Notice for Office Negligence

Notice -1

Re. Showing Cause to the Negligence in the Project Management of the Project [NAME]

Dear Sir, this letter has been penned to serve as a show-cause letter. The letter has been written about the negligence in the office work. I received your letter asking me to show a cause for the negligence in the project management regarding project no. (#). Thus, the following are the reasons that impeded my working routine, focus, and productivity.

I have been dedicated and very professional towards my work. I have always prioritized my work over every other thing but my working capacity was reduced due to some unavoidable circumstances in my personal life. My child got seriously ill which took all my attention and focus. I could not pay much attention to the work and always had my child’s illness in my mind. My child, who is a three years boy, was diagnosed with a severe Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). He was suffering from severe pain in this UT which impeded all my life activities as I was not able to take my mind to anything other than my child’s illness.

Severe pain and infection caused him high fever which intensified his illness and weakness. Doctors prescribed a laser treatment for the infection which was much costly. Therefore, my worries were worsened by the financial crunch and the pain of my kid.

Having all this said, I assure you to not mix my private and professional life and keep things on track. I apologize for the inconvenience and loss caused by negligence, thus, I would do my best to straighten my focus and stay professional with my work. Please let me know if I need to follow up any further. Thank you for providing me a chance to explain and show the cause behind my negligence at work. Thank you.


Show-cause notice for office negligence

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Notice -2

Re. Explaining the Reasons behind Negligence at Work

Dear Sir,

I am [NAME], the [POST] in your company. I received a show-cause notice from you on [DATE]. The notice asks me to explain the negligent behavior at work expressed in the irregularity at work, lack of focus, and failure to meet the deadlines in various projects.

As I work in project management, I understand my responsibility and the seriousness this post demands. Due to my illness, I could pay little attention at work. I could not take many leaves from work because of the financial gravity it can put and the work burden in the office. I did not want to stay on leave for long as it agitated me to stay away from the office but my focus could not develop better at work. However, it was my prime duty to inform HR about my working capacity and get assistance, I apologize for not making better decisions.

During my illness, the company had two major projects from the development sector. I tried to work hard but I could not achieve the committed goals. The reason behind the failure was calculated and it was estimated that it happened because of poor presentation, lack of logical remarks, and invaluable cost analysis. Therefore, the teams of the other company denied the deal.

I apologize for the inconvenience and trouble caused by my negligence which was, ultimately, caused by my illness and fragility at work. Please, let me know what I can do further to mitigate the loss. I assure you I will be diligent at work and will not be mistaken by the assumptions. Thank you for providing me with a chance to explain.

I am grateful for your constant coordination. Please refer to the medical certificates as evidence of my illness. In case of any further queries, you can contact me or meet me in person. Thank you.


Show-cause notice for office negligence

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