Thank You Letter for the Project

Businesses and other professional organizations in the modern-day world opt for outsourcing their projects to other parties for several reasons. Some of the most common reasons behind any business outsourcing their project or handing it over to another party lie in the difference between the competency of the project initiating company itself and that of the one they are handing over their plan to, with the latter being more adept in doing the task.

Another reason behind organizations handing over their projects to someone is the budget-friendly idea of not having to manage the project on your own. The organization asks another party to do their project in a fixed budget that suits them the best, making the whole process a lot less straining on their company’s overall assets.

Generally, a project between two parties lasts for several months, thus forming a source of a partnership between the organization and the one who is working on its project. This essential and sensitive collaboration; therefore, ethically puts the receiving party in a position to express their gratitude to the working agency upon completion of the project. This work ethic also applies to situations where individuals give away their projects to be completed by others. Unless a party has ruined your task completely, ending in a fight or significant grievance, you are supposed to thank them for whatever hard work they have put in their completion of your work.

You can formally express your gratitude to the others upon completing a project by writing them a thank you letter. Here is a sample thankyou letter in case you are clueless and need to write one.

Sample Letter


[The addressee’s name and address]

Subject: Expression of Gratitude on your timely completion of our project named XYZ.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I hope this letter finds you well. Today, we are writing to you with the utmost sense of gratification and pleasure, and you, yourself, must be aware of the reason behind it. Allow us to express our utmost thankfulness to you and your team members for just in time and considerably perfect completion of the project we availed your services for.

We would like you to know that this project held a special place in our hearts and its conclusion in such an excellent manner in the hands of someone as professional as you meant the world to us.

We had an exceptionally smooth and very relaxing working experience with you and hoped that the same was experienced by you too. Please let us express the confidence that we have developed in your skills and professionalism during this project. It would not be an overstatement to say that we would love handling our essential tasks like this to you again whenever required.

Thank you again for delivering us exactly what you promised, even much more than that.

I am hoping to collaborate with you soon.


Communication Manager,
[Organization’s Name]

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