Office Renovation Proposal Letter to Boss

Not every time the employer will consider renovating the offices on his own. On the quite contrary, it is quite possible that on an overwhelming majority of times, the employers do not pay any heed to the interiors of the office as it costs quite a big fortune which could shake the entire company budget.

Consequently, it is the employees that are affected gravely by the poor structure and lack of free space in the office. A poorly managed and congested workplace can result in low motivation and a lack of interest in the work for the workers. Henceforth, it is in the best interest of the company’s revenue and the growth of the business to keep the workers happy by providing them well-preserved offices with enough resources that can boost up their work morale.

If we take a look at all the mainstream businesses that started from the scratch, the findings will give us a fresh breeze of surprise as to what extent they take their workers’ mental health into account. A good company not only takes measures for a well-kept office for its employees but caters to factors that boost up the productivity like small rooms to relax and vent out in the company of soothing plants and plans for updated equipment and open layouts.

Renovating the offices can also enhance the bottom line for the company and multiply the clients. The more engaging renovation it is, the better clientage will get as it also strengthens the brand image.

We have made a draft down below to help the readers with writing a letter to the boss proposing the office renovation. Readers can take notes from all the elements, as mentioned earlier, to craft it.

Sample Letter

Dear Sir,

Before going ahead to write this letter to you, let me first have the privilege to introduce myself to you. I, Rosemond Bell, am a devoted employee to your company [write the company’s name here] from the past 8-years and it is going smoothly for me. 

However, there is one major problem that is of a great hindrance to other workers and me. The interior design, structure, and resources of our offices used to be state-of-the-art and a model for other companies that attracted great clientage for us. Sadly, they are now outdated and chaotic for all of us. It has become quite impossible to produce the same kind of leading results in such an unhealthy environment.

Henceforth, I propose you remodel the interior design into a place more spacious, eye-catching, nature friendly, and more presentable to both the clients and the employees. We shall have our glory and leadership entitlement back with it. Currently, we look forward to working with major companies in the state, and this change will allow us to make an outstanding deal with them.

The proposal includes a meeting room for teamwork, personal relaxation corner, indoor plants, reinstallation of windows and the roof, and a sunroom to accompany nature.

We commit to use these resources responsibly. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback.


Rosemond Bell

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