Project Appointment Letter

Project appointment letter is written by the company you work for, or a client if you are a freelancer, in acceptance of the project proposal submitted earlier by you.

After receiving the proposal, the relevant employees go through all the details of the project with an intent to analyze if it matches best with the company’s best interests. There usually is a board of experts that go through every minute detail with a focus on all features and facets.

When the board is done with a thorough inspection and believes the project will reap benefits and the organization can make the most of it, it allows the project to the employee (or a team of employees) through an official letter. On the contrary, if the board decides to turn down the offer, the employees will still get a letter with this unfortunate news.

In the project appointment letter, the employer should write down the terms and conditions of assigning the project alongside the expectations out of it. The protocols and limitations of carrying the tasks should also be mentioned to alleviate any misunderstanding leading to a potential loss.

While writing this letter, you must acknowledge the significance of the proposal made earlier to elevate the employee’s morale. A little appreciation won’t hurt you, but the impact can elicit productivity and positive energy from the worker.

As you are done with it, make your point clear about the terms and conditions and company policy for the nature of your employee’s project. All the restrictions should be made clear in the very beginning. You may conclude the letter with best wishes for the project. 

The tone of the letter should not be intimidating as the workers will hesitate to work with excitement and energy. However, stay confident and assured in your team. This will boost up their willingness and pump them to work harder.

Below is a simple draft of the project appointment letter for your help. You may change the details as per your project’s demands.

Sample Letter

Dear Jonathan, (name of your employee who proposed the project)

Given your previous record of excel and hard work, the board of directors is proud to announce that we accept your project proposal. We give you our consent to begin working on it, applicable from Monday (mention date). The board has also decided to give you the grants and funds needed for the project. However, a few terms and conditions will apply. Kindly refer to the pages from the handbook we have enclosed herewith.

You are allowed to make a team of relevant experts from your co-workers to elicit more productive results. Please notify the board with the selected employees who match best with the nature of the project.

Please accept our best wishes for the project, and we hope to see the positive consequences of it. Should you have any queries regarding the project, please feel free to reach us at [email protected].



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