Termination letter for mishandling company products

In this termination letter, the employee is found guilty of mishandling the company’s important products upon the inquiry formed by the HR (Human Resource) Department and general consideration among the staff members. This letter gives further information on the importance of those valued products and how they were to be handled. Upon termination, the due salary and possessed property are exchanged and the employee is welcomed to report a dispute.

Generally, a termination letter serves as a post-requisite of several warning letters, but it can also be generated immediately if the matter is unacceptable to the terms and conditions followed by the company’s decorum.

Sample Letter:

[Sender’s name]
[Name of Organization]


[Receiver’s name]

Subject: Letter of Termination for mishandling company products

Dear [Receiver’s Name],

It is my lawful duty to inform you that your dismissal has been confirmed from this company [Mention company’s name] under actions taken for mishandling company’s products. You had the position of [Designation] in this company and as your legal status justifies, you were not to mishandle the company’s chief products.

As your position determines, you were already aware of the value of those products and how difficult it was for the company to arrange them in the first place. Under the meeting conducted for discussing the usage of those products, in which you, the HR manager and other staff members were a part; a Policy file was handed over to every employee in the conference room which clearly explained that mishandling these products will lead to strict inquiry and upon decision, the matter can end in termination. The company assets were our esteemed products thus misusing or mishandling them resulted in a series of threats for our company which in turn paid way in violating Employee’s Permissive Use Policy. As you are aware of the company’s strict rules and regulations and the decorum we follow, hereby the decision of termination is final and irreversible.

You are requested to return the company’s possessions and belongings till due date: [Mention date] which may include important documents, laptops, ID cards, Security cards, and Credit or Debit cards. Furthermore, our HR team will contact you for investigating the details on mishandling the products, in order to verify the amount of loss faced by this company. Meanwhile, you can expect your regular paycheck for this month on [provide date] via bank transaction because the company won’t allow you to take steps in the non-public sectors of this company. Your pay will include health and security benefits with your regular salary amount, making a total to be [Mention amount]/-.

We will see you at the final meeting of inquiry and the details will be shared on your provided contact details. The HR department will only cater to your concerns if you appeal to your misconduct, otherwise, this decision is final.

This notice hereby serves as evidence that you are no longer a part of our team.


[Your name]
[Your Signature]

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