Termination Letter for Misbehavior with Management

Employee management is a tough task particularly if you are concerned about employee motivation and satisfaction. Of course, most firms want employees to be motivated and satisfied as these improve overall organizational productivity.

Reprimanding one employee or taking action against an employee often has a negative effect on employee morale and productivity. Irrespective of the fault, taking actions against an employee often dampens motivation across the organization. However, sometimes tough decisions need to be made.

On the other hand, employees also have a responsibility for conforming to and respecting organizational culture. No organization creates a disturbing, uncomfortable environment. Organizational cultures evolve through a top-down approach and reflect the core values of the company. One universally agreed upon culture is that of respect. Violation of respect is and should be intolerable in any scenario. Misbehaving constitutes a violation of respect. Misbehavior must be penalized according to the intensity.

Misbehavior does not include unintentional disrespect or errors in spoken or written words. Misbehaviour is however defined as bad behavior, misconduct or poor behavior. Instances that are defined as misbehavior are:

  • Shouting or hitting a co-worker
  • Passing derogatory and abusive remarks
  • Threatening a co-worker
  • Harassing of all forms (mental, physical, sexual)
  • Deliberately disobeying direct orders from the supervisor
  • Delinquent behavior
  • Engaging in illegal drugs or excessive alcohol
  • Destructive behavior at the workplace
  • Shirking responsibilities and duties
  • Putting lives and health of others at risk
  • Causing damage to a company’s reputation

The above list is not exhaustive; there are many other forms of misbehavior as well. Action on misbehavior is subject to the intensity of behavior. If the misbehavior with management is not very significant, it may be overlooked as a one-time folly. Repeated misconduct or misbehavior with management may be verbally reprimanded. If the misbehavior is of a serious nature, then even the first incident may be followed by a warning, suspension or termination letter.

A termination letter is issued in the following circumstances:

  • If the employee has been warned about misbehavior several times but his behavior did not change
  • If the employee misbehaved severely with the management.
  • If the employee had been warned several times and even suspended before for misbehavior.
  • A termination letter is written if the employee exhibits extreme misbehavior with management and refuses to apologize for his/her actions.

The termination letter entails why the employee has been terminated. The reasons and incidents are written down in detail so that there is no misunderstanding. Termination is often not followed with a grace period. It may be with immediate effect.

Here is a sample letter for termination of an employee due to misbehavior.

Sample letter



Subject: Termination letter

This is to inform you that your employment contract has been terminated effective immediately. The disciplinary committee reviewed your case in detail and decided to terminate you on account of misbehavior with management.

On [enter date] you assaulted a manager at the workplace when you were reprimanded for poor performance. To physically assault another person is a crime. You are to return any company belongings that you might have.

Termination Letter for Misbehavior with Management