Suspension Letter to Player for Misconduct

Players in any team are often seen showing misconduct. This usually happens because of a lack of self-control. However, they should never forget that it is against morality and their training to lose self-control and act offensively.

When players misbehave, it puts a very bad impression on audiences. The misbehavior of one player puts a question mark on the entire management of the team. Additionally, those players who are seeking an opportunity to play for their national team also lose that opportunity due to a poor track record. So, their management or committee often takes disciplinary actions against such players to bring them back on track.

What does a suspension letter do for a player?

When a player receives a suspension letter, it is a clear indication that he is being suspended temporarily from the team he was playing for due to something he has done. The purpose of this letter is to give a clear message to the player that if he does not show good behavior, he is like to get suspended from the team permanently.

How to write a suspension letter to a player?

At times, it gets complex, and writing a suspension letter becomes a challenge. People don’t know what content they should add to the letter and how they can communicate the message without using inappropriate words. Below are some guidelines that can be followed easily to write an effective suspension letter.

Tell about the decision

Suspension is a kind of disciplinary action that is a clear indication that the person being suspended has violated some terms and conditions. In this letter, it should be communicated that disciplinary action is being taken against the person who has been addressed in this letter.

Give reason:

The player must be aware of the reason for his suspension. However, it is still advisable to mention the reason. If the player does not know about the series of offenses, he will come to know about them.

Discuss future decisions:

Since the purpose of the suspension is to make the player behave well in the future, you must not ignore the future while writing this letter. it should be emphatically explained in the letter that if the player did not behave well in the field, the management of the team would be compelled to take some serious actions against him that can also compromise the career of the player.

If you want to write to a player who has shown misconduct on the ground, the sample letter given below will be helpful for you. Read this letter carefully and then draft the letter of your own.

Sample letter:


Dear Football player Mr. Johnson:

Sydney football discipline committee has decided to take the following disciplinary actions against you:

  1. You are being suspended from your team for a week (7 days)
  2. A penalty of 500£ has been charged on you for the misconduct.

After thorough investigation and receiving several pieces of evidence against you, you have been charged following offenses:

  1. The offense from your side occurred on 15th April 20XX was seen in the field when you treated your opponents with disrespect. You were supposed to exercise self-control as this is the main feature of sportsmanship.
  2. Another player from your team has complained that you use improper language while you are in the field. Your coach also saw you using improper gestures. 

You are expected to return to the field after one week on 15th May 20XX. 

It is important to note that the misconduct by a player ruins the reputation of the team and the entire sports academy. Therefore, no such misconduct will ever be tolerated. 

You have been sent many verbal warnings prior to this letter. However, you do not seem to correct yourself.

If the Sidney Football discipline committee sees you involved in any kind of deliberate misconduct, the committee has a right to suspend you from the team permanently. Additionally, a ban of two years will also be imposed. 

Be informed that you have a complete right to appeal against this decision within one week.


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