Termination Letter for Cheating the Company

Cheating is never acceptable whether it is done in personal life or professional life. It breaks the trust of people in those who are found cheating on them. A person who cheats on others has to face the consequences sooner or later. Moreover, it is against morality and ethics that you cheat on someone who trusts you blindly. Since facing the consequences of cheating is inevitable, the person committing the crime of cheating should be ready for them.

What is a termination letter due to cheating?

Termination means to bring something to end. In professional life, the word termination refers to removing a person from his post permanently. This happens because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons is cheating. When an employee does not show compliance with the rules and policies of the company in such a way that it misleads the company and breaks its confidence in that employee, he receives a termination letter due to cheating.

Importance of writing a termination letter

Cheating is a big offense that cannot be overlooked at any cost. So, terminating such a person from the job is an ideal decision of the company. By terminating such a person, the organization saves itself from future losses. The employee learns a lesson that if he does not play fair, he will have to face serious consequences.

How to write?

Writing a termination letter is a piece of cake. All you need to do is know the format and content to be added. Read the instructions below:

Start with mentioning your decision

At the very beginning of the letter, the employee should be told that he is being terminated from the job because he has violated some rules and cheated on the company.

Show the seriousness of the matter

It is important to tell the employee how offensive his act was. If you fail to make him feel this, he will take things lightly and feel that you have terminated him for no reason.

Tell the reason

Let the employee know the main reason behind taking this tough decision. To justify your decision, you can refer to the employment contract in which terms of terminating the employee were mentioned.

Mention additional details

After completing all the formalities of the termination letter, tell the employee how to contact the be company in case of any query. Also, let him know about pending dues and how they will be cleared. If you are not going to issue him any reference letter in the future, be clear about it in the letter.

Read the sample termination letter given below:

Sample termination letter:


Employee name
Address and contact details

Subject: Termination due to cheating

Dear Mr. Robert, 

This letter is being written to inform you that your contract with the company is being terminated from 10th May 20XX. This decision has been taken due to some fraudulent activities. 

You have violated the rules and policies of the company and shown disregard for utter disrespect for the organization.

After an investigation, it has been revealed that you have shared confidential information of the company with its rivals for money. This is the worst form of cheating that our company can never be approved of. It shows the character failure, and the company has strict policies to deal with such employees who do not fulfill their commitments in professional life. 

Your act of violating the policy has caused serious damage to the reputation of the company and therefore, the company has decided to terminate you from the job.

All the insurance policies you have been a part of will be terminated with your employment. Till the time of termination, you can enjoy all the facilities the company offers to its employees. You are requested to return all the assets of the company that you have in your possession.

In case you have any queries or you want to know the proper procedure of leaving, you can contact the managing director of the company. You can also contact our human resources department for getting information regarding pending dues of any kind. Please be informed that the company will never issue you any reference letter or letter of recommendation. 


Name of the sender


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