Resignation Letter from Property Management Office

A resignation letter from the property management office is a letter that can be written either by a property manager or a property management company, who is looking after the property of a landlord, whom this letter is addressed to. However, if this letter is being written by a manager, the addressee can be the landlord or the property management company, for which he has been working for. Through this letter, the addresser puts forward his resignation to the addressee of the letter and seeks its acceptance.

A property management office may want to resign for different reasons, few of them are:

  • The manager has found a new and better job.
  • The manager does not like the working environment.
  • The manager does now see his career progression while staying on the job.
  • The manager is relocating.
  • The manager has personal reasons.
  • The tenants are giving the manager a hard time, and the landlord has not given the manager enough authority to deal with them.
  • The property management company wants to lessen its workload, and hence resigning from a few landlords’ property management.

The manager informs about his resignation, and the reason behind it, in a formal resignation letter. If the reason does not require an immediate quitting, the manager tries to provide the notice period as per the employer’s policy. The information included in a resignation letter from the property management office can vary as per the circumstances. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the addresser.
  • The resignation announcement.
  • Good experience with the company/landlord.
  • The reason behind the resignation application.
  • The state notice period, if any.
  • Effectiveness of resignation.
  • Provide support.
  • Request for resignation acceptance.
  • Request for clearance of dues. Provide a date/month, if possible.
  • Salutations and signature.

When this letter is received, the addressee, usually accepts it, if the reason for resignation is valid and fair. If a notice period is given by the sender, it gives enough time to the receiver to arrange a new manager. In addition, the current manager, before he leaves, can help the new manager in understanding the work.

Sample Letter

Dear Ms. Carlene,

I am writing this letter to resign from my current position of ‘Property Manager’ at ABC Limited.

As per the company’s policy, I am sending this resignation letter with one-month notice period, that makes my resignation effective from 1st July 20XX.

I have spent three years with ABC Limited, and I believe it has been a very learning experience for me in terms of my professional development. I have acquired various skills while working with you, which will help me in my career progression.

However, due to some personal reasons, I have to leave this job. I had applied for immigration, and now, I have received the embassy’s call. I have to enter the XXX country till August 20XX, which is why I am resigning in a hasty manner.

However, in my notice period, I will ensure that all the work that has been assigned to me gets completed. In addition, in the meantime, if u hire a new manager, I will give my complete support to make him understand the work as well as would help in handing the projects over to him.

Kindly, accept my resignation. I also request you to clear all my dues in the month of June 20XX.

Thank you.


Samantha John.

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