Suspension Letter due to Harassment

A letter of suspension is written by the employer to the employee when there is a need to let the employee know that he is being suspended from his job temporarily. The suspension of the employee takes place usually because of strict disciplinary actions taken against the employee.

When it reveals that the employee was involved in a harassment case of any kind, the employee takes action against him. Disciplinary action can also be of many types. One of the firmest decisions that are taken upon someone’s offensive act is to suspend them from their job for a particular time period. 

Why it is important to write the suspension letter due to harassment?

Whenever someone is found guilty of have involved in an offensive act such as harassment, they should be brought to book. Punishment is the best way to correct someone’s behavior. Harassment at the workplace has become very common that should be condemned at every level. To deal with this offensive act, different policies have been devised in different organizations. Suspending the guilty person is the best way to teach him a lesson. A suspension letter should be written as soon as it is proved that the accused person is guilty of this crime.

How to write a suspension letter when someone is found guilty of harassment?

You must know how you can draft a perfect suspension letter because of a harassment letter to make sure that you communicate the message.

  • Inform the employee about his suspension:

The letter is a formal piece of writing that should be started with the news of the suspension. Since the suspension is the removal of the employee from his post temporarily, you must specify that from which date the suspension will be effective

  • Discuss the reason:

Although the person being suspended is well aware of the reason, you shed light on the reason when you specify it. You can also talk about the evidence that has helped in finding if the person has done the crime or not.

  • Mention the date of returning:

When the suspension is temporary, the employee should mention the date on which the person being suspended is expected to return to work. This is an important piece of information that should never be overlooked.

  • Discuss terms and conditions:

Just like any other procedure, the process of suspension is also executed through the proper channel. This is ensured with the help of defining terms and conditions. These terms explain what an employee can expect from the company during and after suspension. For example, you can mention that the employee will not be paid for the days he will remain suspended from his job.

Sample suspension letter:


Name of the employee
Designation of the employee in the company,

Subject: suspension letter for [X]

Respected Mr. ABC,

This is to inform you that about all the complaints that we have received against you and the investigation conducted by our committee, you have been proven to be guilty of harassing your co-workers at the workplace. Therefore, the company has decided to issue you a suspension for a week which will be effective from 4th May 20XX.

Last month, you gave some derogatory remarks to one of your co-workers. A female co-worker also complained about the offensive text messages that she received on her mobile number. One thing I want to add here is that this is not the first time we heard about you harassing someone. However, the company tried to give you many chances by giving you many verbal and written warnings.

Based on your seniority and performance in the company, it has been decided to suspend you from work for a week. If you do not correct your behavior after returning to work once your suspension is over, we will have no option but to terminate you from your job.

Please be informed that during the suspension period, you will not get your regular pay. We expect you to return to work after one week on 10th May 20XX. In case you any queries, you can contact the manager of the company.


Name of the sender


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